Spike physical keyboard case for iPhone 5

We have often debated on Phones Review the pros and cons of a physical keyboard on a smartphone, and the trouble is the widest range of such handsets available are on the BlackBerry platform which many consumers are now ignoring in favour of Android and the iPhone. Today we have news of the Spike physical keyboard case that will be available for the iPhone 5 once it is released.

As the guys over at iPhone Rumors are suggesting many iPhone owners would never think of placing a physical keyboard on their smartphone, but the team behind the Spike iPhone case think differently. The Spike iPhone case is another neat gadget that is on the Kickstarter project, and while the late Steve Jobs was never a fan of physical keyboards, a number of third party manufacturers have came up with accessories to offer iPhone fans an option of one.

We have embedded a video below and from the image that can be seen above, the Spike iPhone case protects your iPhone 4/4S while offering you a physical QWERTY keyboard that can be quickly laid across the screen.

There are three different models of the case and the team behind the accessory need to raise $75,000 by August 11th, and at the time of writing they have achieved $71,260. The Spike team have also commented on the release of the iPhone 5, and they have estimated it will take them around four months to create a similar case for the handset once they have their hands on the device.

They also revealed a special offer where you will be able to purchase the iPhone 5 version of the Spike¹ and Spike² for today’s Kickstarter prices of $25 and $50 respectively, as soon as they are available. To find out more head over to Kickstarter.com and check out the video below.


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