Steam app for Android packs non-game genres

It appears that there is a possibility that Valve is considering offering more than just gaming applications on the Steam for Android app, as apparently the mobile application shows several new categories, which have nothing to do with the gaming side of things.

According to an article over on The Verge, in the genres section of the Steam app for Android, the app index lists such genres as software training, accounting, photo editing and education, with the Android app offering ten extra categories over the desktop version.

The guys say that this could be evidence that Valve is contemplating differing kinds of apps for their popular game distribution service, although at this time none of the new categories contain any software.

Obviously this isn’t confirmed evidence that Valve is going to offer more than games, but there is no reason to think that at some point in the future Valve just might deliver more than games at some point.

And apparently Valve is working on streamlining the section and release process for games on their platform with Steam Greenlight, and could possibly eventually do the same with other software genres. Thus that could mean at some point in the future Steam users could gain a wide range of services available to them.

If you are one of the Android faithful and haven’t yet jumped aboard Steam, you can download the Steam app for Android for free by hitting up Google Play.

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