64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 possibly axed: Updated

Cast your minds back if you will to the Samsung event at the beginning of May when the Galaxy S3 (S III) was finally revealed to the waiting world. Samsung informed that the Galaxy S3 would be available in 16GB or 32GB internal storage models, expandable to 64GB via micro SD. As well as this Samsung also announced that a 64GB model would be made available soon but it looks today as though the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 has possibly been axed.

The Galaxy S3 was launched in a blaze of publicity and is now available in many regions, including the U.S. where it finally became available in the last few weeks. The 16GB and 32GB models have been widely available and we had occasionally wondered when the 64GB variant might arrive. However if you’re a potential 64GB SGS3 customer still waiting for news it seems your wait may have been in vain as one UK retailer has now cancelled its customer pre-orders for this model.

A UK customer with Expansys has told GSMArena that his order for the 64GB model of the Galaxy S3 has been cancelled. This customer told how he was informed that Samsung “has decided not to release the unit,” and so the order could no longer be processed. The logical explanation is that Samsung has not received enough interest in the 64GB Galaxy S3 to make its production worthwhile. However that will be small comfort to the many potential Galaxy S3 customers who may have held back on purchasing the 16 or 32GB models as they preferred to wait for the 64GB model and now their wait has come to nothing.

This could still be an error in communication between Expanys and Samsung but it does look very likely to us that the 64GB Galaxy S3 will no longer appear and we think there could be a good few frustrated buyers out there but it would be interesting to know what’s going on in other regions regarding this.

We’d like to know if you pre-ordered a 64GB model and if you have received any notification regarding its availability? If the 64GB model has been axed will you still buy a Galaxy S3 with bigger storage or maybe you have been left with a bitter taste in your mouth and instead may consider the competition, such as the iPhone 5? Let us have your comments on this to share with other readers and it would be useful to hear the retailer you used and your location.

UPDATED: It seems that writing off the Galaxy S3 64GB version was premature. A report on The Verge says that Samsung has issued a statement to say the 64GB S3 is still on track and due for a release in the second half of the year. It all sounds rather vague though and apparently it only applies to the international version of the Galaxy S3 so if you’re in the US you won’t be seeing it on carriers there. Also we have to wonder if anyone will actually still want the GS3 64GB variant when it finally arrives if it takes too much longer.


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      Heresdina says:

       So you like the samsung Galaxy S3?  I’m considering buying it.  I hope it’s not too much phone for a first time SmartPhone User!

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        Veeggarcia says:

        i had the s2 and now i just bought the s3.. it is awesome my friend.. although gingerbread is more user friendly than ics.. but the phone is PERFECT

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