AT&T Mobile Share plan takes on Verizon’s Share Everything

As more of us are now smartphone owners the amount of data we use has grown, and mobile carriers have been busy changing the way they offer their customers this, and we now have news of AT&Ts Mobile Share plan that will take on Verizon’s Share Everything data plans.

An article over at Boston.com is reporting that AT&T are following Verizon’s lead and will introduce new wireless plans that will allow customers to connect up to ten devices. Connected handsets will get unlimited calling and texting as well as wireless data access, and they get to use a pool of data that gets renewed every month.

Rival carrier Verizon brought in its Share Everything plans on June 28th and replaced most of its traditional mobile phone plans. AT&T says its new Mobile Share plans will debut in late August, but is still keeping its current individual and family plans.

It is believed that AT&T’s prices will be comparable with those of Verizon, and one smartphone with 1GB of data will cost $85 per month on AT&T, while the same deal costs $90 on Verizon. Having two smartphones and a tablet PC with 6GB of shared data will cost $170 on either carrier. AT&T is the country’s second biggest carrier behind Verizon, and currently has 76.8 million direct wireless subscribers and millions more via wholesale arrangements.

These new data plans from both carriers are aimed to push the take up of non mobile phone devices such as tablet PCs, and USB modems for laptops. Some analysts feel that Verizon’s plan will reduce its service revenue in the short term, but will provide more revenue in the future as families add more devices.

Under AT&T’s new plans customers will be charged a monthly fee for one smartphone, and then choose a bucket of data usage on top of that. Prices start at $85 per month for 1GB, and go up to $230 for 20GB.

Then customers can add other devices to share the bucket of data paying an extra monthly charge for each one. A basic feature phone will cost $30 per month, and a tablet PC will cost $10, while additional smartphones cost between $30 and $45 each depending on the size of the data plan.

How do you feel about AT&T’s new data plans?


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    Cat says:

    We wont change our current plan with those prices . I am not willing to give up my unlimited data plan for my Iphone, even if I can’t use Facetime other then WIFI . They can make their extra money on someone else. I try to use Wifi more then 3G as it is.

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