FlightTrack PRO tracking app pros,cons and verdict

The most interesting thing about today’s phones (mobile ones) is the fact that we will spend more time doing something else with it rather than talking to someone with it. That’s why they are called Smartphone’s and that’s why there is app for pretty much anything you may need.

Since travelling and flying is something done by millions of people on a daily basis it is a quite normal to have an app for it. But which one to choose from the application sea of the iTunes store?

FlightTrack PRO
One app that stands in front of others with its sleek design and ease of use is Flight track PRO. Before saying anything else about this app it is worth mentioning that this app supports 12 major languages, which makes it usable by almost ¾ of the world.

As we already said, the first thing you notice about it is the sleek design with beautiful maps. All the maps are, of course, zoom-able and they come as a live flight maps with radar and satellite imagery. Let’s not forget that all the info is real-time data.
Beside its design, this app is constantly updated (Version 4.4.1 at time of writing this article) and takes 13.6 MB of your phone space.

There are a lot of arguments on why you should decide to buy this app at iTunes store and some of them are:
– It is all about syncing when it comes to this app. You will be able to sync yourself with pretty much any other source that may help you managing your trip in a better way. Sync yourself with TripIt, with your phone’s calendar, with Twitter and Facebook (looks like everything is Synced with social media today) and with multitasking option on iOS 4. Beside this another option will help you travel smarter. You will be able to add notes for confirmation numbers, seat numbers and many more.
– Beautiful maps — Again we are talking about design but this can’t be skipped just like that. The maps are what makes this app stands out of the crowd and it will probably stay like this for some time. Imagine this- No one is allowed to use their phones in the plane, but you can play with your app, because maps still work. How cool is that?
– It covers over 16,000 airports across the globe and it features full coverage of all the international flights for over 1,400 airlines. It also predicts delays, pushes alerts and reports any flight issues. If you’re having a bad day and your flight is being cancelled do not despair because you are tap away from finding alternate flights with FlightTrack Pro

As with every other app this one also has some bugs and issues reported, but majority of the issues were fixed over the time.
– It costs $9.99 on the iTunes store. This may be considered as both con and pro, because for somebody this price does not reflect the high quality of the app, and for others this price is not acceptable.
– The app does not cover charter and private flights which is understandable since majority of the travelers does not use private jets and if you use one you definitely won’t need this app, because your jet will be waiting for you at the strip.


This is pretty useful app especially if you are a frequent traveler and if the plane is your main source of transportation in your business life. If you have this app on your iPhone it is free for download to your iPad at no extra cost.

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This article was shared by Jason Phillips; he is a deaf person, but his overwhelming passion for writing has made him a regular blogger and at times he does ghostwriting and copyright work too. His favorite hobby is globetrotting and for that he has his own private jet.

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