iPhone 5 sales already solid before release

Let’s be quite honest here, it shouldn’t surprise anyone in the mobile space that it is expected that the next iPhone, currently being referred to as the iPhone 5 will see staggering sales once Apple decide to deliver the new iOS smartphone, as no doubt all of the iPhone faithful will immediately want to own the handset.

However apparently iPhone sales are already solid before release, as according to a report over on CNN Money, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has reported the results of his annual cell phone survey, which took in 400 consumers.

When asked what was their current smartphone, 52 percent own an iPhone, whilst 26 percent own an Android handset, and 6.5 percent own a BlackBerry.

When asked what smartphone they would purchased next, 65.5 percent said they would buy the iPhone, with 51 percent of those waiting for the iPhone 5, 19 percent said an Android, and 2.5 percent replied a BlackBerry.

Munster wrote that Android is still losing 33 percent of current users to the iPhone, and also notes that 38 percent BlackBerry users expect to dump BlackBerry in favour of an iPhone.

Apparently when shown scale drawings of the iPhone and a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, 56 percent of those polled preferred the smaller screen as opposed to the larger display of the RAZR MAXX, but one does have to remember this survey only took in 400 participants.

Munster also points out that over half of Apple’s revenue is represented by the iPhone, making the company’s future largely reliant of the success of the iPhone. However Munster estimates that over half of his projected 170 million sales of the iPhone for fiscal 2013 are ‘already in the bag’.


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    Eeversley says:

    It always amazes me such a small percentage of the population can represent such large numbers of buyers or voters or whatever. Anyone whose taken statistics in college knows that these surveys can be skewed to get the results you want by targeting a particular geographical area.

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