Samsung TV Remote app not working for some 2012

I’m sure the iOS and Android faithful who have a Samsung TV know that quite some time ago old Sammy delivered an iOS and Android app called Samsung Remote, which is a WiFi remote control for the Samsung Smart TV for 2011, and if your device and TV is connected to the same access point, your device is automatically linked to your TV.

The Samsung Remote for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple iPad, and Android devices offers a full remote screen by default to control connected devices, along with an on-screen keyboard that pops up automatically when you need to enter text.

The Samsung Remote mobile app also features a Game Controller, which enables the user to use their mobile device to control games on their television, with full and simple modes available, along with a Gyro mode so you can control games by tilting your device.

The user can also fine tune and adjust gesture sensitivity with the app so you can control BD players and televisions, and supports TVs released in 2010 with Internet@TV feature, TVs released in 2011 with AllShare feature, and BD released in 2011 with Smart Hub feature.

As the Samsung Remote app for iOS and Android has been available from iTunes and Google Play for quite a while, no doubt you are wondering why we are talking about the mobile app at this time. Well the reason is, we have received several emails from our readers stating that their Samsung Remote app isn’t working properly.

So we would like to ask any of our readers that use the iOS or Android Samsung Remote app, if you are experiencing any problems with the application, or if the Samsung Remote app is running smoothly for you. Feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


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    Savadec2002 says:

    I previously used Samsung remote app on HTC desire and it was perfect . I have now purchased galaxy III and it doesn’t work on it! Get msg that my device does not support this app, having to use sammy remote but can’t find 3d button. Help please , thanks.

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    Savadec2002 says:

    Hopefully u will track down the solution to the Samsung remote app for the galaxy III. Thanks

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    Dr Miller 1981 says:

    It works on my iPad, but once it enters into sleep mode it won’t reconnect to the tv, and I have to delete my iPad in the tv settings and reinstall the remote in order for it to work! I hope you can find a solution because I would like to just use my iPad as a remote. I have the Samsung und7500 55″

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      N'appy says:

      Not Happy. When first installed (on HTC Desire) worked perfectly. Now it just keeps telling me that both devices need to be connected to the same access point even though they are and status shows working and connected on both TV and HTC.

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    Chris Tricker says:

    When I try to download this from the store it tells me that my device isn’t compatible which is just a little ironic considering my device is a SAMSUNG galaxy S3 lol

    So Samsung are making this work for apple users but not people using their own brand


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    D Ramani says:

    Hi I just bought galaxy s3 and it doesnt work on this. Very disappointing. Hope some one finds the fix.

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      Seb says:

      iOS6 seems to break the remote app as far as Apple devices go. I say it, I’m actually mildly relieved to hear galaxy s3 users having the same issue as that’ll increase our odds of samsung pushing out an update across the board. As far as the above comment goes, the biggest use of the app is that it offers up an on screen keyboard making text entry viable rather than the utter chore it is with the standard remote. I’ve got a massive enough media library that the search function is pretty invaluable to me, anyone routinely using the web browser will also likely be missing this functionality too.

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    Matt says:

    has anyone found a fix for this yet?? I only just got the galaxy s3 4g and can’t believe this problem even exists.. not cool!!

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    GW says:

    I am having the same problem, when I start the app it searches for connected devices and although the TV is switched on, and the route,r the app cannot find any devices I wish someone could find a solution.
    The app looks really useful

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    Pushpa says:

    It used to work with my 2011 TV until I moved to a new location, 10 miles away and now it doesn’t work. I have tried uninstalling and reinstall and no luck yet. I am using the same access poiny(wireless network).Any insight?

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    Robert says:

    I sold my iphone4, which had a working Samsung TV remote app, and bought the Galaxy III. But I can not use it as a remote for my Samsung 55D8000 TV.
    How stupid is that!!!!!

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    JiBe72 says:

    It works with my HTC Desire but doesn’t work with my iPhone 4S. With the iPhone I get “Disconnected.. Network Connection Failure…” with a Retry button. The Retry results in the same thing.

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    Greg says:

    Not working for me, either. The app runs, but the two devices won’t find each other. Even if I set the TV as a soft AP, no good (not that this should be necessary). Dying to use on-phone keyboard for searches, etc. Galaxy S2 and Samsung 5300 (both with Allplay… har har…)

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    goodgrief:( says:

    I too have a galaxy s3, and the samsung app doesnt work. Does anyone know of a remote app that does work?

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    Bobcat says:

    And to whom am I speaking? Do you work for Samsung? Are you trying to draw attention to the fact that this app doesn’t work on the hottest selling mobile phones anymore so that you can sell us your app? I don’t see Samsung anywhere in the URL or the name of the author of this article. I do, however, see an ad for a similar app on this page. Oh, and one more vote for “it worked on my last phone but not on my new Galaxy S3”. I think it has something to do with the screen mode/size of the Galaxy. Maybe it will work if I can find a way to change that.

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    Dee says:

    just bought the Samsung Smart TV model UN40EH5300. The app downloaded fine, but when it tries to connect to the TV, it almost immediately loses connection. I have an iPhone 4. I thought maybe my internet connection wasn’t fast enough, but with all the issues people are having, i know it’s the app. Hope you can fix it soon! The app seems pretty awesome.

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    Pault1965 says:

    I have samsung 46 smart tv I phone 4 and new iPad was all working fine until ios6 now I pad dose not work but it does on I phone please samsung update app

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    Andy says:

    I noticed the problem immediately after I downloaded the new IOS (whatever the number is) update a few weeks back. Since then, I get the error Network connection Failure message every time I try to connect. First off, it’s a huge shame because it is completely 100% the only way people will use the smart features for the tv (until the remote is fixed, but most likely no remote would be better or more efficient or more comfortable to a user, or simpler to use. Why? Nothing would be better than a smart phone for manipulating the functions on a smart tv. We do everything on them…

    This is why it is such a shame. Samsung has made a bad ass tv, with awesome picture, sound, and relevant app/features. However, without the remote app working, the limitations in typing, moving about smoothly, and an operate system/attitude like what we are used to doing every day on our smart phones, the smart apps are just too frustrating to try and use. Consider that the people who are noticing this problem now are more tech savvy than most, and even they can’t/won’t use that remote. Less tech friendly people will surely not jump on board this smart tv train at all. It’s a shame..ok, we’re beating a dead horse.
    Question: Is this some Apple warfare against samsungs smart tv push in reprisal for the court issue? Call it conspiracy or far-fetched or whatever…I hope it is conspiracy – otherwise it’s pretty crappy on samsung to have this much blog talk citing the same exact problem with no fix yet. We want the truth??! USA! USA! USA! But seriously, I really love my samsung tv and I want to use the smart stuff on it, or more appropriately, I’m itching to try it out because I really have not used it yet since I got it. Without this fix, I won’t spend extra money for a smart tv again, and I suspect a lot of people won’t either. My two cents, but it’s honest, and the blogs seem support it.

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    JR says:

    google market says this is not compatible with Galaxy Note. Why! Why! Why! and now they come up with a Galaxy Note 2.. when they have not got the first one right. Ridiculous…

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    Carlos Piad says:

    Apparently the geniuses at Samsung have not updated their app. How can their flagship phone not work with their own apps. Very disappointing.

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    Dmg says:

    I used the app successfully with my iPhone and iPad. It all went bad and stopped working ( cut out in a matter of seconds) following an upgrade by apple quite a few months ago. :(. It would be fantastic if you could fix, so when my kids steal the tv remote I can resume control t. With my iPad


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    mc66stang says:

    i have the same problem. i have a iphone 5 ios6 update i bought a samsung bluray player and the samsung app will connect for 1 sec. then drop and say network connection failure. im very disapointed with this issue!!! ive called samsung support they say its my phone carriers problem but its not ive tried everything im very good with electronics. its the app especially if samsung phone are having the same issue!!! im going to keep calling samsung and raise hell some more until i get answers!! we alll pay a crap ton of money for there products i think it should be a prioity to get this issue fixed or this will be my last samsung product!!!!

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    Mike says:

    It used to work on my iPhone 4S. Don’t know when it quit working as it was used infrequently. I have tried deleting registered device on tv several times but always have the same problem. Disconnects after about 1 second.

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    Robert says:

    It worked just fine with my UN55C8000 but it’s quite a while since it stopped working. I got a new bedroom TV (Samsung 55E6100) and it’s not working either.

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    Allan says:

    Use to work fine on iphone but since around August will not allow selection of device. If you attempt to select the device the app immediately crashes

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    Barfly77 says:

    It does not work with iOS 6. It will connect and disconnect frequently. There has been no updates to this app in quite some time.

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      Tim says:

      That’s right. The app worked fine on my iPhone 4. The QWERTY keyboard from the iPhone made the Smart tv actually usable! Then I get the iPhone 5 and it all turns to crap. Immediately disconnects from the network. Now the Samsung Remote Control app has disappeared from the Apple App Store. Assume Samsung is re-writing their app for reintroduction but no announcements from Samsung about any of this. VERY POOR SUPPORT FROM SAMSUNG, KEEPING THEIR CUSTOMERS IN AN INFORMATION VACUUM ! ! What’s going on, Samsung?

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        Tim says:

        OK – so I spend over an hour talking to 3 different Samsung reps in technical services, and finally a guy in upstate SC tells me that he knows for a fact that they are working on an app that will allow the iPhone 5 to have a functional remote control. He told me he would email me a projected date that they thing the new app will be available on the itunes app store. If you wish, you can (and maybe should?) call them at this location just to keep them fully aware that they have many disappointed customers anxiously awaiting an app that will let them fully use their smart tv products. 888-899-7609

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    sergio says:

    is not working, i have a iphone 4s and when yor try to connect to the smart tv the connection with the tv fail.

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    Luckybun says:

    Try Mytifi app. I downloaded that and it worked all fine for me allowing use of all functions. Then just for fun, I retried the Samsung app and it worked for me! No disconnection problem. All of the functions work on the Samsung app so I’m all fine on both apps…

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    Jim says:

    I have a UES46ES6900 and an iPhone 4S and the app does not work for me. I can get a brief connection but it drops after about 20 seconds consistently

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    Rob says:

    It works on ios5 but not 6. My brother’s ipod version is great while my ip4 is useless. Really wish they’d fix it.

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    Yathoom says:

    The app was working perfectly fine with me, till I updated my phone to ICS. I then I got the msg that the app is not compatible with my device! And there was no update for it since then.

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    Gman says:

    In Asia regions, Hong Kong as an example they’ve even delete the remote app for iTunes Store. The app that is still on my iPhone no longer works with my tv, they just do nt see each other…

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    Russ says:

    Tried to download this app on my Galaxy S3 running JB but the Play store says my device is not compatible and wont let me download it. Not sure if it is my phone or the version of Android I have it is not compatible with.

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    Clifford Brody says:

    It’s worse than that! The app is no longer even available from the Apple App Store!! No one will tell me why

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    ricidicidoda says:

    Just got a samsung galaxy s3. No samsung remote app available for my samsung tv.
    But it works on my iphone!!!!!

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    Alex says:

    The app dont Work on galaxy s3 it pisses me off i love Samsung and all i own is Samsung fix it so i can control The tv and Home cinema !!!!

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    Kevin says:

    This is disappointing. The remote app worked so much better than the IR remote from Samsung. Now I have to basically walk up to the set with the IR remote.

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    camel says:

    The app worked pefretly alright before the iOS update however after the update it stopped working completely.Everytime you try to open the app;it just crashes.

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    CK says:

    This app did not work on my Galaxy S III also. TV (UE40D6530) and phone could not even see each other. But the “Samsung Smart View” app works smoothly.

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    Glen says:

    For iOS people, there are now plenty of 3rd party apps (some free and some not) to do this when you search for Samsung Remote. (The official one appears to be gone from the App Store entirely.) I’ve only spent a few minutes with the free one I just grabbed and I can already see it’s better than Samsung’s awful user interface! So, pretty much back in business!

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    Chimpchumper says:

    What worked for me was to go to the update page and then to purchases (iOS) and there was an option to update there… problem solved for me. I wish it didn’t take months to figure out. Hope this helps

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    Steve says:

    Doesn’t work with my new 7 inch Samsung TV (UA46ES7100MXXY) although they are on the same wireless network. Why?

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    Manuela Roosen says:

    It does’nt work I never had problems with THE remote I yuse it in my phone htc and iPad als well. And since à few months It wont work!!

    What to do now? Can somebody help me please!!

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    Bishnu says:

    No qwerty keyboard appears for my ipad app. Otherwise, it works well. But it is quite useless as my main purpose is to use for the keyboard.

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    Welshpanther says:

    The current version does not support AV source select. The old version was made available as an unsupported version with no further development. The old version does not work on the ios7 on an iPad air.

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    Moore says:

    On iPad it’d only work as a remote nothing else, bringing me an error message saying I have to set up my universal remote, which I did, I control the TV and the set-top box with universal remote/IR blaster .. So why does this app not work and still ask me to set up my universal remote so it would stream tv to my iPad? Clues?

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    billr says:

    app useless for me on iphone 4s (iOS5) – doesnt talk to the TV
    devices recognised but not communicating with each other – useless!

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