Enyo 2 HP open source app is more than webOS

An integral part of HP’s plan to launch Open webOS 1.0 later in the year includes version 2 of the web based Enyo framework, and now the Enyo 2 open source app has exited beta and gone gold, which means it is now it is not just for webOS, and is available to developers.

According to The Verge, by way of the Enyo website, Enyo 2 unlike Enyo 1 that was specifically designed for the HP Touchpad and other webOS gear, version 2 is intended to be a ‘completely platform independent library’, which can be used to deliver apps that work across a range of mobile devices and browsers.

The gold release of Enyo 2 includes sets of polished menus, new Onyx widgets, pickers and 3 controls, and a new check in process, which the Enyo team says will make it easier for the community to deliver large amounts of code to the platform.

The Enyo guys say, “We see a web-centric future in which there aren’t iOS apps, Android apps, Mac apps and Windows apps — there are just apps: apps that let you access your content and get stuff done, wherever you happen to be, on whatever device is handy. This vision won’t come to pass overnight, and we’re certainly not the only ones pushing to get there.”

It will be quite interesting to see the uptake of Enyo 2 in the web development community over the coming months now that Enyo 2 has gone gold, and of course as and when we hear more we will pass it along to our readers.