Motorola Droid X survives camp fire burn up

In the mobile space you often hear about smartphones being put to the survival test, usually by smacking them with hammers, dropping the from great heights, taking them for a dip in water and such, but its not that often we hear about a handset that has manages to survive a fire.

According to a report over on Ubergizmo by way of Reddit, an Android fan, apparently after having a few too many, dropped his Motorola Droid X smartphone face first into a camp fire, by accident of course.

However the big question is, did the burnt Motorola Droid X survive being engulfed in flames? Well if we take what the owner say as gospel, it appears that albeit being somewhat charred and deformed the Motorola Droid X in question still works.

The Droid X body was a melted mess but apparently the microphone, earpiece, buttons, camera and the screen all seem to work fine, albeit the owner saying the camera is a tad fuzzy.

The owner of the abused Motorola Droid X has been kind enough to post numerous images of the burnt out Android smartphone, which you can check out by hitting up here if you so wish.

If true and the Droid X does still work after being tossed into the scolding flames of a camp fire, then one has to agree that the old Motorola Droid X is one tough handset, although the owner neglects to say just how long the handset was in the fire.

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