Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update possible as testing begins

We recently gave HTC Desire HD owners the unwelcome news that their smartphone will not be seeing an official release of the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but we have some possibly better news for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2, as the Android Jelly Bean update is possible as testing begins.

Previously it had been suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be missing out on being updated to Jelly Bean, but as GottaBe Mobile are reporting it appears that Samsung has begun testing the software on the handset and could see a release of the new OS sometime in the future.

It is being claimed that Samsung has recently finished up its first test of the new operating system on the Galaxy S2, and more importantly the testing proved successful so bodes well for the software being officially released for the device.

Also the Samsung Galaxy S3 update is also in the works, and if this update works well along with the testing, owners of the Galaxy S2 can look forward to their handset being given another lease of life with the Jelly Bean update.

So while this news is not a complete guarantee that the handset will receive the update, things are looking positive regarding the chances of it actually happening. Samsung has so far not confirmed anything about the Galaxy S2 being updated to Jelly Bean, except that it would update owners sometime in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is still a hugely popular handset owned by millions of users, and it’s hardly surprising that Samsung wants to upgrade the handset and keep its customers happy. The software has already started to reach owners of the Nexus S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus HSPA+, Motorola Xoom, and other Galaxy Nexus handsets will also being seeing the update. Once these devices have been updated we can expect other hardware to start receiving the new software.

Are you pleased to hear that the Galaxy S2 looks set to be updated to Android Jelly Bean?


19 thoughts on “Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update possible as testing begins”

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    ChrisPollard77 says:

    If the OLDER Nexus S, with lower specs, can run JB, the S2, owned and loved by MILLIONS should be an absolute no brainer.  Do the right thing Samsung – or CyanogenMod will!

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      LanceMiller says:

      I bet the firmware they sent down down the pipe was full of bloatware or touchwiz.
      I bet my SGS2 would run JB great if Samsung would get rid of all the bloat. My Nexus 7 has JB & its a fabulous rom that really needs nothing to enhance its appearance, especially touchwiz.

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    Whatever says:

    Yeah can’t wait for another version which I end up reflashing back to gingerbread because it hammers the battery so badly causing the phone to overheat , can’t wait!

      1. Reply
        Holdfast says:

        Unlike everyone else, he finds that ICS is poorer ib battery life.  I would hope that the battery life improvements of ICS are repeated in JB. 

        @Whatever – your experience is atypical.

        1. Reply
          John354 says:

          ICS is pretty buggy. Gingerbread was a more stable release. Lots of S2 owners are trying to flash back.

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    Anton says:

    I do really this fix some problems introduced with ICS, such as sync issues deleting parts of adressbook and loads of background operations eating capacity (as wella as making the device warm itself) – would even welcome optional Touchwiz, where the 90% liking this feature would just go on using it while we other could get generic ui withouth rooting (with bricking potential)

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    LanceMiller says:

    The biggest resource hog in the firmware that Samsung releases is “Touchwiz”. So why don’t they just release a vanilla version of JB for the T-Mobile SGS2 & the AT&T version?
    The JB firmware that’s in my Nexus 7 is fabulous & the interface is great, there’s no need to really skin it at all with “touchwiz”.

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    Alexander Martinez says:

    That is awesome I still got one year on my contract with my S2 on T mobile.  I hate that your phone gets outdated before you contract is over.  If I get my S2 updated I will definitely buy another Galaxy phone when my contract is over.

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