Dark Knight Rises Android game video review

I’m sure most batman fans have been hitting the theatres already to get the newest slice of bat action in the recently released The Dark Knight Rises movie with Christian Bale reprising the roll of Batman. And by now many of the Android faithful might have grabbed The Dark Knight Rises game for Android from Google Play, but if you haven’t yet done so, as you would like to see what the game offers first, then you are in luck.

What we have for our Android gaming readers today is a video review of The Dark Knight Rises for Android, which comes our way courtesy of Android Central who got a copy of the latest batman game and gave it a whirl on camera for your viewing pleasure below.

According to the guys, with The Dark Knight Rises Android game, the missions follows closely in the footsteps of the movie, and as you move along you can kit out Bruce Wayne with the technology to upgrade certain parts of his Batman suit, and his vehicles, along with an abundance of hidden items, and open world exploration.

Apparently the control of the game are fairly simple, with the usual dual-stick set-up, with the left side stick controlling Batman’s moves, whilst swiping anywhere controls where he looks. When it comes to gameplay, the guys say the game is pretty standard with combat it is mostly bashing the attach button vigorously.

The guys have come up with a few Pros and Cons with The Dark Knight Rises, those Pros being, the game captures the Batman gloominess, there’s dramatic combat, and extensive progression with unlockables. The Cons are, spotty driving controls, graphics on anyone else other than Batman aren’t that good, and in-app purchased are contrived.

Anyway, enough from me, I’ll shut up now, and let you head on down to hit that play button to check out The Dark Knight Rises for Android, which is available from Google Play for $6.99, review video…enjoy.

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