5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beast releases August

Now the dust has settled a little bit on the Samsung Galaxy S3 following its recent release, thoughts are now turning to another popular handset range from the company in the shape of the Galaxy Note 2. The handset is believed to come sporting a 5.5-inch display and could release this coming August.

As iDownloadBlog are reporting Samsung is about to give the phablet term a whole new meaning with the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 2, which could be coming on August 15th. The follow up to last year’s popular offering is rumoured to push the display up from 5.3-inches to a massive 5.5-inches.

With a display of this size has some wondering how the average human will be able to operate the device, and it seems there are a lot of consumers who prefer mobile devices that fit in between a large smartphone and a small tablet.

There are rumours that Apple are going to increase the size of the display on the next iPhone, and is doing so by increasing the length of the device instead of the width. Samsung Electronics America has invited the press to a special event next month for a major Galaxy announcement.

The invite asks people to join the company for the “unveiling of the newest Galaxy device”, but as we have reported before the invite is from a part of the company that doesn’t normally have anything to do with smartphones, so the event could be for a new tablet.

Rumours have suggested that the Galaxy Note 2 will come sporting the same Exynos 4412 processor that is found in the Galaxy S3, but clocked higher at 1.6GHz, but the screen resolution is believed to be the same at 1280 X 720 pixels. The device is thought will come running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but will be upgraded to Jelly Bean in the coming months.

Below is an image courtesy of BGR.com and shows just how big the device is while being held in the hand of a user, and a recent poll found that 43% of those asked believed that a 4-inch display would be ideal for the iPhone, while under 5% like the idea of an iPhone with at least a 5-inch display.

Is a 5.5-inch display your idea of heaven?


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    millgate says:

    Personally … I would be very pleased if Samsung chose to make the ‘new Note 2’ a 6 inch device. The move from 5.3″ to 5.5″ is disappointingly trivial.

    We’re all well past the point of debating whether or not to hold such a device to the side of your head whilst using it as a ‘phone. ‘Pocketables’ such as this, are best used with an ‘earpiece/mic’ whilst keeping the device itself safe in your pocket.

    Generally speaking – a ‘pocketable’ maxes out at the 7″ diagonal; and, at that size, it will usually fit nicely inside a conventional male jacket, a shirt or a ‘bomber ‘ jacket – and it will generally fit into a ladies shoulder bag – or even a clutch bag. 

    The 6″ format would be absolutely IDEAL for both ladies and chaps !!

    It’s a shame that those few 6″ devices that have appeared in China; have not made it into the mainstream.

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      Noriedean says:

      All I can say is bring it on 5“5“ , 6“ or 7“ i’m waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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