Galaxy Note 10.1 specs leaked before release with unboxing

There are some that believe that Apple are worried that Samsung poses a real threat to its market share in the mobile world, which is why the company has launched a number of lawsuits against its rival. Mobile products from Samsung now enjoy a high level of expectation and rumours, which was once only reserved for upcoming Apple products, and now it seems that the Galaxy Note 10.1 specs have been leaked before its release after an unboxing of the device.

As Mobilesyrup are reporting one lucky guy in Korea has managed to get hold of a retail unit of the Galaxy Note 10.1, and has shared the information with the world. With this latest information it makes you think that this will be the device the company will be showcasing at a special press event on the 15th of next month.

The company has decided to treat the Galaxy Note 10.1 to 2GB of RAM, which is the same thing they did with the US version of the Galaxy S3. This will future proof the device and makes it easier for owners to make use of those PC like multitasking capabilities.

Samsung has also decided to equip the device with a 1.4GHz quad core Exynos 4412 chipset, which is the same one that is inside the international Galaxy S3. The rear camera has been upgraded to five megapixels, while the 1.9 megapixel shooter and the 7,000 mAh battery haven’t been updated.

One thing that may disappoint some though is the 1280 x 800 screen resolution, as we have been treated to a number of 1920 x 1200 Android tablets recently such as the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity, and of course the latest version of the iPad.

Both sides of the upcoming tablet look almost identical to the Galaxy Tab 2 that was recently released in Canada, and the slot for the S Pen can also been seen. It also seems that the Galaxy Note 10.1 can act as a pass through for your smartphone, or may be able to make calls on its own. Last month we showed you a video of the device that clearly showed a phone dialler on the device.

Do you like the look of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?


4 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10.1 specs leaked before release with unboxing”

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    Slave2my955i says:

    Love the Galaxy Note, so this should be incredible. Finally a tablet with real data creation capability. I have the Galaxy s3 and it runs circles around ALL the other phones. Maybe it will drive Apple to finally make some real updates to their very limited capability products.

  2. Reply
    Don3051 says:

    They will probably frack things up by charging too much.  Oh well,l theres always the Nexus 10.

  3. Reply
    Limeberg_1929 says:

    im waiting like i said before i want 4 of these units,this dual phone will shame alot of the others no need for all the fancy gagets just a plain and simple device,thanks phone review finally getting some good info,just waiting for the full specs and price

  4. Reply
    lolman says:

    I don’t like the design….. But I’m interested on buying it.. Omg what’s wrogn with me q.q

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