Metal Slug 3 app for Android battlefield gamers

For those Android gamers out there that enjoy a good action shooter game the NEOGEO game Metal Slug 3 has now been ported to the Android platform, and in Metal Slug 3 the gamer takes control of various slugs and weapons to fight and survive in the battlefield.

Metal Slug 3 for Android is a perfect port of the original NEOGEO game, and includes arcade mode, and a mission mode enabling you to train yourself in your favourite stages along with cooperative gameplay via Bluetooth.

The Metal Slug 3 game enables the gamer to take control of numerous slugs such as slug mariners, the original metal slug, elephant slugs, drill slugs and slugnoids, and features a branching map system enabling the gamer to take differing routes to the end.

Metal Slug 3 for Android is also OpenFeint compatible, and completing the maximum number of achievements enables the gamer to increase their Metal Slug player ranking, so beat the best scores to become number one.

The Metal Slug 3 game for Android devices has recently received an update that fixes the freeze bug in mission three, and for those Android gamers out there that are not yet playing Metal Slug 3, you can download the mobile game to your chosen Android device at a cost of £4.99 by hitting up Google Play.

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