Unmechanical for iOS August Release & PC Comparison

There are always certain titles that grab gamers attention more than others especially now in the mobile market on the various smartphone platforms. One such game is the upcoming Unmechanical for iOS that is due to be released in August, and the title is being compared to the PC version.

As T3.com are reporting the game is heading to the iPhone and iPad next month and shares some of its design with the likes of Machinarium, which many will think is not a bad thing. The side scrolling puzzle game has recently been confirmed for Steam on the 8th of August, and then will follow by releasing on the Apple iPhone and iPad a few weeks later.

The award winning game sees you placed into an underground world that is full of pipes, and physics based puzzles as you try and make your way back to the surface. The title has been built from the ground up on virtually no budget, and is the creation of Swedish developer Teotl, who have been working with the likes of Epic Games.

They are also experts at getting the most out of the Unreal Engine, and the game looks set to push the latest version of the iPad to its limits. Meanwhile Pocket Gamer is reporting on a comparison of the PC and iOS versions of Unmechanical. They love the beautifully rendered environments and to show how far they have been able to push Apple’s mobile devices the developers have released a number of screenshots that are comparing both versions of the game.

The site has the screen shots and asking readers if they can tell the difference between the two versions of the game. Use the link above to see if you can tell the difference between the screenshots, and check out the video trailer below or visit the official website here.

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