Dead Trigger for Android buyers to receive reward in next update

Obviously those Android gamers that paid $0.99 for the Dead Trigger Android game when it became available will probably be a tad annoyed that the Android gaming faithful can now get Dead Trigger for Android for free due to Madfinger Games deciding to offer the game for free because of piracy, as we previously reported.

However it appears that those Android gamers that did shell out for the app, might not come out losing, as according to a report by Ubergizmo by way of Phandroid, due to the backlash after doing away with the price for smash hit Dead Trigger for Android, it appears Madfinger will offer those gamers some kind of reward.

Posted to the game’s news bulletin board was that everybody that purchased Dead Trigger, wait for the next update, and you will be rewarded! Wondering what? We will keep that a secret for now.

Thus it does appear that anyone who purchased the popular Android game will get some kind of reward when the game updates again, it could possibly be a new weapon perhaps, or in-game currency, extra special missions perhaps, who knows.

Anyway, at least those that did shell out for Dead Trigger now know they will get something extra for their cash, and of course if you haven’t already got your zombie slaughtering action on, you can download Dead Trigger for free by hitting up Google Play.

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