2013 Google Nexus shade look intrigues

As well as bringing you news about imminent smartphones and tablets that will be arriving we also sometimes like to bring news on products that may be a little further away. Today we have a look at the 2013 Google Nexus phone but before we get too carried away we should point out that this is a concept/mockup idea. Nevertheless it’s pretty intriguing and gives us the chance to speculate on what may appear.

Only yesterday we told of reports of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 smartphone and how it had been widely reported on some websites as though the photos of it were the real deal, even though they were clearly marked as mockups. This caused a huge amount of excitement at the weekend from those who thought the Galaxy Nexus 2 was on the way so this latest concept of a 2013 Nexus phone should be taken with an equally large pinch of salt. What makes this 2013 Nexus look fascinating is that it’s a shade revealing only the outline and therefore offering readers the chance to interpret it for themselves.

This latest idea comes from Bob Freking and is detailed on Concept Phones. It prompts a guessing game and Concept Phones interpretation is that it’s a quad-core device with shaded areas on the sides being for a volume button and another unknown quantity. Although the image at first looks like a handset with a shadow, another thought is that it could be a slider phone, such as a Google Nexus Xperia Play 2 type. Of course this is pure speculation and conjecture and there’s also the point to ponder over whether this could be running Android Key Lime Pie or even Android L, whatever that may eventually be dubbed.

This food for thought concept is interesting despite its lack of detail, or maybe even because of it. Take a look at the outline for yourself and why not join in the intrigue by sending us your comments about this Nexus 2013 look and what it may offer.


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    Deylune says:

    i want a Google Nexus phone. i will wait until 2013 if i have to but i hope it would release by january or february if it wasnt coming in Q4 of 2012

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