iPhone 5 to flop if this is design

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the focus of many in the smartphone world at the moment amid ever increasing rumors the closer we get to a release. We’ve already seen a few images of what is purported to be the iPhone 5 but today we have a new look which claims to be an iPhone 5 made up from leaked parts. We don’t know about you but our initial thoughts are that the iPhone 5 could flop if this is the design.

Only last week we brought you photos of an alleged iPhone 5 claimed to have been smuggled out of a Foxconn plant and earlier today told of a new release delay rumor stemming from problems with component supplies. This new look at what is claimed to be the iPhone 5 design is creating a real buzz as many seem to feel this has a certain air of authenticity about it rather than being yet another decoy from Apple or another source in order to throw us all off the scent.

The images come from a Japanese repair site iLab, and the iPhone 5 depicted in the photos has apparently been assembled with leaked parts to form the full device. Although we’ve heard many rumors of specs and features of the new iPhone over the last few months, these latest images do fit with the most recent rumors on what we might expect. Mobile & Apps tells how this latest leak fits with speculation of a 4-inch display, 19-pin connector, two-toned unibody styling, FaceTime camera in the center and the headphone jack moved to the bottom of the handset. The reverse also seems to depict a metal plate, also in tune with rumors of Apple doing away with the current glass backing.

Of course these images could all be one big fake and a couple of departures from usual Apple styling are apparent such as a raised portion with the screen and back panel and gun-metal sides. What is clear though is that we will not know how authentic these images are until Apple chooses to make its big iPhone 5 reveal. If these photos are the real deal though, is the design change for the iPhone 5 adequate enough?

One of the many things thrown up in comment to our many iPhone 5 stories is just how many people want a completely new and radical design for the iPhone 5. We’ve told before of widespread disappointment when the iPhone 4S arrived looking exactly the same as its predecessor, although it didn’t seem to damage sales. Many people though have expressed that they passed on the iPhone 4S and decided to wait for the iPhone 5 simply because of the lack of a new look. Although this newly leaked purported iPhone 5 does have some subtle changes we wonder if it’s different enough to appeal to those who’ve been waiting. Maybe it won’t do quite as much damage to Android market share as expected if the design doesn’t have the wow factor many expected? Our title may be a little harsh though considering that the iPhone 5 is sure to sell in some numbers despite what it looks like.

We’d really like to hear what you think about this. If these images are the genuine iPhone 5 then do you think it could be a flop? Alternatively you may be impressed with these images and can’t wait to get your hands on it? Let us know with your comments.


29 thoughts on “iPhone 5 to flop if this is design”

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    Shuhel9991 says:

    I agree with your comment…..just looks like a longer iphone 4/4S, and why is the top and bottom edges different colour? looks ugly.

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      Finn5975 says:

      If by ‘sheep’ you are referring to the 10s of millions that prefer iphones over the garbage that Android continues to pump out and the crap phones to go along with….I am totally in agreement with you.  I tried the supposed king of android phones, the S3, for a week.  Pathetic.  And people call iphone owners sheep??

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        Brad says:

        I am guessing you are one of apples fanboys, s3 is not that bad I mean much better than the 4s at least, what he is saying apple fans will always buy the latest device, I know that as I am myself but that doesn’t mean it is the best phone ever.

        I didn’t mean to sound harsh if I did. Lol sorry if I did. That’s my opinion but if yours is different I repsect that!

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        PeterEccles says:

        By sheep I mean the people who will buy an Apple product purely because its an Apple product. I didn’t comment on its function or technical ability. I’m sure will there be the appropriate amount of hysteria when its launched to ensure sales.

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          Paul says:

          People don’t buy apple products just to buy an apple product, they buy them because they work so well. I currently have a htc android phone & the new iPad, the apple os is so much slicker than the android. I will most certainly be getting the new iPhone now over any android phone inc the S3. Does this now make me an apple sheep?……….no it makes me somebody who has tried both & prefer the apple os & how nice their devices are to use. This is the way it is for most people, not which one is best but which one you prefer to live with.

          1. Dan says:

             Actually, people do buy all brands just because of the brand. it’s why companies invest some much in building it. Apple are no different. I’m never sure what people mean by ‘so much slicker’? Personally I find the Apple interface without widgets rather less useful, but whatever works for you. 

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    Vivek says:

    Apple is famous to make selective leakages which are partly correct. So the new connector and micro sim card are true but all the rest is fake.

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    ghjk says:

    we thought the new iPhone gonna be really something WOW!! like a Transparent Screen or something deferent then any phone around!!! NOT A BIG PIECE OF Metal! Looks like my kitchen’s knife sharpener!! Hope this design is fake and they have something better then that! looks like a phone at least!!

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    Gregor Sinclair says:

    While I am the proud owner of an iPhone 4S, I hate when people get into arguments about which phone company is best. Just because you own an iPhone, that doesn’t make you an ‘Apple fanboy’. Or a ‘sheep’. Most people who buy Apple products do so because they personally love the way they are build and function. I bought an iPhone 4S because I personally feel it has the most powerful hardware and easy-to-use software out of all phone on the market I have tried (I regret to say I have not tried the Nokia Lumia 900 – but it looks great). It’s all about preference. Likewise, Apple supporters, don’t consider yourself better than everybody else because you have an iPhone. You’ve chosen an Apple product based on the same reasons other people have chosen HTCs or Samsungs. While I’m not a fan of Samsung phones (I feel the case and OS are both quite ugly and hard to navigate), on many occasions I’ve been tempted to switch to HTC or Windows. As for the iPhone 5, who cares if the design is similar to the 4S!? (Sane) People don’t buy phones based on how different they look to the previous model. They buy them because the hardware is powerful and the OS is functional. Why would Apple completely remake a design which is working perfectly well? As for all this ‘transparent screen’ rubbish, Apple are among the most clever and innovative entrepreneurs in the world – ie. They know when to take risks on new innovative software and hardware, and when to pass them up as hype and nonsense. These 3D and transparent screens people go on about both present a multitude of serious design flaws which inhibit them from functioning practically – hence why every phone before now which has used either of these features has been a complete failure. That is the difference between Apple designers and the consumer market: Apple are a team of highly-qualified professionals who know which features should be considered for implementation, and which have jumped the shark – while 90% of the consumer market will jump at the first product with the most ludicrously shiny, impractical features.

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    Project6000 says:

    Sorry to say if that will be the design it’s a FLOP. We need a more updated design to compete with the S3.

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    ds888 says:

    In Australia we call it the Tall Poppy Syndrome. When someone is at the top of their game we
    tend to try and chop their legs off , to bring them down to earth.I’m neither a apple person , windows , or android. I just like my iphone, I like how it feels solid and it never skips a beat.
    Most of the other phones out there have this toy feel about them.If they just increase the
    screen size then I will upgrade for sure.

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    Prakashdavanam says:

    In this world of competition I dont think APPLE people will keep away to do. Wait to see the stunning design and performence of new IPHONE.

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    Wasbikebloke says:

    Apple products are great but we need a bigger screen and thinner product – more shirt/jacket pocket friendly. An iPad/iPhone hybrid like he Samsung Gaxy Note would be a sure fire winner.

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    Wasbikebloke says:

    A completely new design please…….some of the concept pictures were amazing. I’m sure it’ll be a great phone but it would be great to see something that stands out from previous iPhones and Androids.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and it’s brilliant. I want something that harnesses the value of the Apple Eco system but stands out as a thing of beauty……..plus an advance in camera spec would be appreciated…..make me really WANT this!

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    George says:

    It’s ugly and the stretched screen without extra width just looks wrong. The colour scheme and the way it fits together looks cheap. Certainly the iphone 4/4s looks way better – even my old 3gs gives this a run for its money in the form factor stakes.

    If this is the genuine design then I agree, Apple have made a rare screw-up.

  11. I think it’s a glorified stretched 4/4s, if this is the design I’ll be jumping ship to a Windows 8 device. But with the lawsuits that apple has going with Samsung stating there phones look to similar I am hoping that we will see a GS3 styled iPhone… Right now it’s all speculation. I’ll wait for official release before I jump ship.

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    raj says:

    Apple will be sending truckloads of iPhone 5, no matter how similar it looks to iPhone 4S!

    That’s because of simple reason that, there is an huge huge army of iPhone supporters who are more than good enough to make iPhone 5 a blockbuster no matter what.

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    S says:

    The problem with the iPhone (all current models) going forward is the screen size. Web pages are barely legible owing to the narrow screen (even with the retina display); switching to landscape view works far better but introduces the problem of seeing a tiny portion of the overall page and this would be exacerbated with a taller design which offers no extra width. I sincerely hope Apple have a proper aspect ratio in the offing and not this quasi-useless stretched monstrosity. If all I see come Sept 12th is a taller iPhone I will bite the bullet and purchase a Galaxy s3; I’ve waited nearly three years to upgrade my iPhone 3GS but will walk away from Apple if the real estate doesn’t match up

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