Nexus Q release delayed for additional features

I’m fairly sure most of the Android faithful will know that initially the Google guys has intended on making their music streaming Nexus Q available from Google Play last month, but unfortunately the Nexus Q has been delayed. For how long the Nexus Q release is delayed hasn’t been stated, and there’s no word on just when the device will become available.

However. According to an article over on Pocket-lint, the word is the Nexus Q release has been delayed due to the device being given new features, although it appears Google isn’t quite ready to let you know just what those new features will be, and thus has kept that piece of info to themselves for the moment.

But the guys do suggest that after Google getting criticism over only making the Nexus Q compatible with streaming video and music from Google Play, YouTube, and Google Music only, this could be rectified with the new features along with an actual user interface, which wouldn’t go amiss.

Currently Google is no longer taking any pre-orders for the Nexus Q, but apparently anyone who has already pre-ordered the Android music and video streaming accessory from Google Play will get an early dev version of the Nexus Q for free.

That free dev version will be the same Nexus Q that developers were given during Google I/O 2012. So if any of our readers have any suggestions as to what those new Nexus Q features might be, feel free to share your thoughts to our comments area below.

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