Samsung Galaxy S3 Google Wallet hack and mods

Google offers its mobile payment service aka Google Wallet to its customers who have Android phones, but then this is not the case for those on the Verizon network. We will let you know a few details about a hack for this as well as a Google Wallet fix for the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We have visited a fair few places on the net to find out more about this and first up is ‘Mike Beauchamp’, here you will find a video showing the hack in action. If you own the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 you are not able to use the Google Wallet system, and this is where hackers come into play to give customers what they want.

We all know that the SGS3 is one of the most sought after smartphones, and with a little help via the XDA Forum you will be able to run the Wallet. Dustin Evans via Google+ successfully rooted their SGS3 to run Google Wallet, which we all know Verizon has made this very difficult to do, check out the video below to see it running.

On the Google+ page Evans did say that this mod probably will not wipe your handset but you should still back up your phone to be on the safe side, on the XDA Forum a dev called ogdobber talks about a Google wallet fix for Samsung Galaxy S3 US variants like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and US Cellular etc, this explains about a Mod for TouchWiz ROMS only. It is explained that Google Wallet is already running successfully on CM9 and therefore should work on any ASOP i.e. the AOKP ROM using the cm9 libs.

It works on CM9 because after a little digging and if you run a logcat you will be able to see that there is no “SMX detected”, so in a nutshell when the ROM is compiled users need to enable the SmartMX in the config headers located in the external/libnfc-nxp library. There is no such source for Samsung’s TouchWiz, for a better look into the above, please do click on all the relevant sources we have provided for you.

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