T-Mobile HTC One X+ specs to feature quad-core Tegra 3+

While some of T-Mobile’s customers may pine after the illustrious Apple iPhone, the carrier is starting to offer some worthy alternatives to the device and now the already leaked HTC One X+ specs have been confirmed to feature a quad core Tegra 3+.

Last month we reported to you that the carrier could be getting its own version of the popular HTC One X, and as Talk Android is reporting some NenaMark2 scores have been leaked for the handset.

Previously there was some debate whether the HTC One X+ would feature the new Nvidia quad core Tegra 3+ processor clocked at an impressive 1.7GHz, or be fitted with the upcoming quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor, but the Nvidia unit has been confirmed.

The handset is also set to feature a 1280 x 720 HD display of unknown size, and the device being tested was already running the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, which is good as the international and AT&T versions of the HTC One X are still using Ice Cream Sandwich software.

It has always been expected that the HTC One X+ would be arriving on T-Mobile; there are also rumours that the handset will also go under the name of HTC Evitaire and be finding its way onto rival carrier AT&T. What with the original Samsung Galaxy Note set to be released on the network coupled together with the upcoming HTC One X+, T-Mobile customers will have some great options this fall when it comes to buying a new smartphone.

Hopefully HTC will offer the One X+ with a powerful enough battery for that supercharged Nvidia processor, as we all know how certain HTC smartphones in the past have suffered from poor battery life, but they are not the only company to be guilty of this.

Will the HTC One X+ be a handset you would consider later this year?


6 thoughts on “T-Mobile HTC One X+ specs to feature quad-core Tegra 3+”

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      Dmarco1979 says:

      Nope, no external sd memory card slot… Also, no removable battery. Thanks but NO THANKS. I will stick with my AMAZING SAMSUNG GALAXY S3!!!

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    yarrellray says:

    This will be another great option for Tmobile customers this September/October. Just HTC made the EVO 4G LTE specific with sd card expansión on Sprint the same will be done for Tmobile customers. Bottom line here if any has the Galaxy S3 on Tmobile trust me your really set for a while. But you can’t help but look ahead to what is down the pipeline with the Galaxy Note coming August 8th and the Galaxy Note 2 before the end of the year as well as the upcoming new Nexus in November Tmobile will be fine with handsets.

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    joey says:

    I have galaxy s3 and it has many issues…. it’s usability is poor… drops calls, predictive text faults, direct call works when it wants to…. the list goes on….. tbh it’s actually s**t. My second replacement and I’m returning this one tommorow.

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    TazD80 says:

    The removable battery and expandable memory are great losses in the smartphone community. I can get over the loss of expanded memory as most phones have 32GB built in and so much is based on the cloud these days but a removable battery is still essential for people on the go who can’t always find a power supply at the end of the day, I have two extended batteries for the HTC Sensation and have to swap them on a regular basis. it’s the only reason I haven’t upgraded. Power hungry devises need versatility.

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    Prime says:

    only if theres expandable memory, it just doesnt make since that the htc sensation holds more memory , i have a 32 gb sd card, and was in all honesty hoping for the jump too 64,non expandable memory, is a step backwards, and cloud storage services drink data, come on htc, i been on htc since the birth of g1 ,but i will opt for samsung, or lg, if ya’ll dont get it together !!

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