Vivo 4.3 Dual-SIM phone with Super AMOLED Plus Display revealed

While many consumers want the most powerful smartphones with the largest best quality screens, there are others that need different features from a mobile phone. In developing regions Dual SIM handsets have been a big thing for many years now, but these devices in the past at best were mainly feature phones. Now though the Vivo 4.3 Dual SIM phone with a Super AMOLED Plus Display has been revealed.

These types of handsets are growing in popularity in recent times as more companies look to offer devices that have Dual SIM capabilities, but also offer higher specifications on the rest of the handset. Only a couple of days ago we told you about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 that looks remarkably similar to the Galaxy S3, and now as Engadget are reporting Miami based BLU Products has become the first handset manufacturer in the world to offer a Dual SIM device that features a Super AMOLED Plus display.

The company has revealed that it is targeting the non-contract market in the US along with emerging markets in Asia, and CEO Samuel-Ohev-Zion believes that the company is going to offer the best Dual SIM handset in the world, and looking at the specs list who are we to argue?

On the body of the Vivo you will find no hardware buttons, but powering the device is the powerful dual core MediaTek MT6577 1GHz Cortexâ„¢-A9 processor, which will be running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Other features include an eight megapixel rear camera capable of HD video capture and playback, and 3G/HSPA connectivity.

More importantly the Vivo 4.3 will be available unlocked in US retailers in September with a price tag of only $249.99, and there will be additional availability in Latin America and Asia to follow. Do you like the look of the Vivo 4.3?


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