Sprint iPhone 4S extravagant price drop for 5

Sprint iPhone 4S extravagant price drop for 5 is something to think about, they are now offering the 4S flavour for only $149.99 giving an instant $50 discount.

We all know the iPhone 4S will get lower in price because the iPhone 5 is coming, but what is interesting is that iDB have been tipped by a Sprint retailer that the price drop will stay like this until September 14th, and seeing as the iPhone 5 is being announced around September 12th it all stands to reason to get all the current stock sold.

The next generation Apple smartphone is set to be released for sale on September 21st if all goes according to rumoured plans, obviously this is all hear say until Mr Cook opens his mouth at the next event if the iPhone 5 comes to light. The big boys such as Sprint, Verizon and AT&T will all sell off its current iPhone stock to make more room on the shelves for the new stock.

We will keep this article short and sweet because the real news here is about the major Sprint iPhone 4S price drop, but it does make you wonder if they know more than us about the iPhone 5 announcement and release but do not wish to say anything further, Apple’s track record of punishing people for saying too much could be the reason Sprint will not reveal nothing. Then again Sprint could simply just be selling the iPhone 4S because they just have too much inventory and needs to sell them faster.

What do you think; do you think they are getting shot of their stock to make way for the next smartphone? Check the price drop deal here

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