iPhone 5 screen fascinating revelation and 4S comparison

All the talk about the Apple iPhone 5 has got many people wondering, all the rumours and leaks are coming in thick and thin, especially when it comes down to the screen size and features. Today we can reveal a fascinating revelation when it comes to comparing the display screen with the iPhone 4S, obviously we do not know if this is real or fake but lets go on the assumption that it is real and go from there.

We have already talked about this before, but we decided to look into it a little further adding a few more details that are very interesting. The latest blurb going around recently was that the iPhone 5 would feature either a 3.95-inch or a 4-inch screen, but now it seems that there is a possibility that a 4.065-inch version may come to light, if this is true then it will be right up there with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen size of 4.8-inches.

The iPhone 5 front glass panel seen over on EtradeSupply’s blog shows many photos as well as a video (Provided Below) examining the screen compared with iPhone 4S, and there are a few notable changes that has intrigued us.

If the iPhone 5 screen size is indeed 4.065-inches, this will then make it 0.65-inches bigger than first thought 4-inch rumours that was floating around the Web, the iPhone 4 and 4S is only 3.5-inches, which makes the new size substantially bigger. The new next-generation iPhone glass lens according to the source above is 90.25mm long by 51.60mm wide and if this combined with the diagonal size of 4.065-inches will set it at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Even more interesting is that the new iPhone 5 lens is 0.1mm thinner, which means your fingers will be even closer to the happenings under the screen, and this will surely bring a better touch friendly environment. The new lens being it fake or real shows that the camera lens hole has been moved from the side of the ear speaker to the top, this would no doubt be better for FaceTime calls added more perfection.

Looking at the detailed findings, the iPhone 4S has 3.6-inch display (Viewing area only) is 76.65mm in height and 51.60mm wide with a thickness of 0.9mm, the iPhone 5 screen size of 4.065 inches is 90.25mm x 51.60mm x 1.00mm respective. The iPhone 5 camera lens hole has been moved from the left side to the top middle, the camera lens hole is also smaller than the 4S, the home button on the new glass is narrower at 0.3mm, and there is a mention of anti-scratch ability being better on the iPhone 5 to that of the iPhone 4S.

Please take a look at the video provided below, we would also like to know what your comments are on the above findings.


14 thoughts on “iPhone 5 screen fascinating revelation and 4S comparison”

    1. Reply
      Dwah says:

      not everyone wants monster screens … sigh. i honestly find the s3 screeen tooo big. s2 is the max ill go. anything too big is just a burden

  1. Reply
    Dfarina says:

    4.065″ is NOT 4″ plus .65″.The difference between 4″ and 4.065″ is next to nothing and would not even be noticed.

  2. Reply
    Tech12k says:

    Heck with the iPhone they can have it it sucks. The battery sucks the screen sucks the phone is not worth all the hope and definately not worth the money..

    1. Reply
      Ramo says:

      lol… yep terrible who likes inovation in the tech sector, just keep building monster phones with the same run of the mill hardware…. over and over and over …. oh and then give them a os that is as stable as windows 95

  3. Reply
    Alexche says:

    Mark Chubb,
    You are an idiot: 4.065″ is a 0.065″ increase, not 0.65″. Did you actually finish high school – or is this the product of the British education system?

  4. Reply
    Django_Wildheart says:

    I’m thinking they might just have the iphone5 dancing a tight duet with the ipad mini – both able to share function and resources on a near field communications tether – that way I’d have a phone small enough for one hand when I wanted it and a phablet when I wanted that . . . and Apple would dip my bank account twice and I’d still smile.  I have a real hunch this is what’s in the pipeline 😉

  5. Reply
    AndyP says:

    Why anyone would want a huge nasty screen on a phone is beyond me, its a mobile, if u cant get it in your pocket its a bit pointless! 4″ is plenty big enough, if you want anything bigger get a tablet, spazs!

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