Maximize HTC One X with Renovate Gaming Boost app

If you are an Android gamer that owns an HTC One X you might be aware that some game apps don’t quite perform up to expectations, because the word is that there are several issues that affect game performance with the HTC One X; however there is a way of getting round those performance problems by way of a new app.

According to an article over on Talk Android, the hackers over at XDA-Developers have come up with what they call the Renovate Gaming Boost app, which apparently automates several things that are needed to tweak the One X so that gaming performance is maximised.

Apparently the Renovate Gaming Boost app for the HTC One X is fairly simple to use, you open the app before you start gaming, grant root permissions and then click on enable, and once you have finished gaming, open the app and disable boost.

According to senior member wilkyyyy, using the Renovate Gaming Boost app tweaks the sampling rate, up threshold and sampling down factor, sets all cores to on demand, switches to deadline scheduler, enables GPU frequency scaling, and also tweaks the mnfrees.

Basically the Renovate Gaming Boost app optimises the kernel to be used when gaming, and according to the guys delivers the best gaming experience you’ve ever had on a mobile phone.

For those that own the HTC One X smartphone, and would like to give the Renovate Gaming Boost app a whirl, you can grab all the necessary, along with instructions by hitting up the XDA-Developers Forum, and word is other users have reported good success with using the Renovate Gaming Boost app, although apparently the app does consume quite a bit of battery life, so be aware of that.

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