iPad STRUT Launchport System dock has hefty price tag

If you are one of the iOS faithful out there you might not have heard of a company called STRUT, as it is a firm that specialises in automotive jewellery accessories like chrome rims and grills and such. However it appears STRUT is stepping into the tablet accessories arena with a docking stand for the Apple iPad.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Chip Chick, the company has now introduced the STRUT Launchport System for the Apple iPad, which is basically a docking stand for the iOS slate that wirelessly charges the tablet and even comes with a protective case.

The STRUT Launchport System is hand crafted in stainless steel and triple coated in chrome to give it that little extra sparkle, whilst the iPad case comes in four varieties, sparkle pink, leopard print, carbon fiber, and walnut burl, and both the stand and case connect via neodymium magnets.

The STRUT Launchport System for the Apple iPad isn’t available to purchase just yet but is expected to make its debut during the New York International Gift Fair later this month before going on sale.

Once available the iPad accessory will command a price tag of $1250 for the package of both dock and case, or you can opt to purchase them separately with the dock costing 1000-bucks and the case costing 250-bucks, so it comes out at the same price either way, and one could say it is a bit of a hefty price tad for an accessory when there are other cheaper accessories available that basically do the same thing.

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