Samsung vs Apple trial lampooned on video

As you know, Apple and Samsung are going head to head in the courts over Samsung allegedly copying the iOS smartphone, and Apple iPad, and today we are treated to a more light hearted take on the battle between Sammy and Apple with a bit of lampooning by Conan O’Brien.

The Samsung Calls BS On Apple’s Charges of Copying video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena and by way of TeamCoco, which pokes a little fun at the patent infringement trial.

In the humorous video below, it appears that Samsung’s fictitious vice president of electronics, Nick Wood is defending Samsung against Apple’s allegations and claims that Samsung products bare no similarity to to Apple gear, and shows the Galaxy phone compared to the iPhone along with the Galaxy Tab against the Apple iPad.

However, the best bit of the footage has to be when they say Samsung stays true to the vision of Samsung founder Stefan Jobes.

Anyway, after all the coverage the Samsung versus Apple fight has received recently, it is always good to be able to take a look on the light hearted side and gain a little laugh, even if it is at the expense of Sammy and Apple.

So all you need do now is head on down and mash that play button to check out the footage…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Samsung vs Apple trial lampooned on video”

  1. kelly burby says:

    such hilarious video which will tickle your funny bone for sure .this tag line of think slightly differnt is so funny