BlackBerry 10 licensing deal put to bed by Samsung

The whole mobile space knows that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has been struggling in the mobile space, and has pinned their hopes on getting back to their previous standing with the release of the BlackBerry 10 operating system and BlackBerry 10 devices at some point in the future. However there has been several rumours that a deal to license BlackBerry 10 is on the cards with Samsung.

However it appears that old Sammy wont be licensing BlackBerry 10 from RIM, as a report over on Ubergizmo has it that Samsung has now come forward to put these licensing rumours to bed.

Apparently in response to a request for comment made by the guys over at AllThingsD, a spokesperson for Samsung responded with…“Samsung Electronics has not considered the acquisition of Research In Motion or licensing BB10.”

The Samsung statement was in response to Peter Misek, and analyst for Jefferies saying that they believe Samsung is thinking about ramping up their internal operating system development efforts, and considering buying Research In Motion or licensing BlackBerry 10.

So basically Samsung has now laid to rest any rumours that they are contemplating licensing BB10 or acquiring Research In Motion at any point in the near future anyway.

But really why would Samsung want to license BlackBerry 10 anyway considering they are doing rather well using the Android operating system, but then again I guess it is always prudent to have a couple of strings to your bow, so maybe, just maybe Sammy might think about it in the future.

What are our readers opinions on this subject, do you think it would be a good move for Samsung to license BB10, or even go as far as to try and acquire RIM, or do you feel Samsung can do well enough without BlackBerry and its new operating system?


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 licensing deal put to bed by Samsung”

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    Steve says:

    This is just rubbish… Blackberry is not doing well in United States do not reflect that they are struggling. Their brand is still number 1 in various countries.

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      Open mind says:

      Oh Steve. Wake up. BlackBerry is dead and buried. As soon as IT departments infrastructure comes up for a refresh most places are getting rid of Blackberries and its hideous master : BES

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