HTC Desire S ICS update still on target for August

HTC has seen its sales declining in recent times as competition mounts from the likes of Samsung on the Android platform, along with the ever present popularity of the Apple iPhone. Its reputation hasn’t been helped by the slow and sometimes non-existent upgrading of its hardware to the newer versions of the platforms operating system. It seems though that owners of the HTC Desire S will be treated to the Android ICS update this month.

As an article over at GottaBe Mobile is reporting it seems that the HTC Desire S will still see Ice Cream Sandwich this month as originally planned, but currently a specific date for the release remains unclear.

The company has taken to its official Facebook page and confirmed the much welcome news to an owner of the handset, who was asking when the Desire S would be seeing the Ice Cream Sandwich update released.

HTC replied that it still plans to update the handset to Android 4.0 ICS before the end of the month, but is not revealing what actual day owners will start seeing the update rolling out. This news comes after it was recently revealed that owners of the Desire HD were not going to see an official release of the software pushed out to the handset.

Last month the company also revealed a number of handsets that were pegged to receive the software in the coming months, but this comes after Google has released another version of the operating system in the form of Android Jelly Bean.

Users of the platform will be hoping that in the coming months the upgrading of hardware will run more smoothly than it has been so far with the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Do you think the Android platform’s reputation is being damaged by the slow updating of devices?


9 thoughts on “HTC Desire S ICS update still on target for August”

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    Andrew says:

    By what definition is “August” on target? HTC announced its “target” was June or July and we have been waiting since last OCTOBER! I think my next phone will be a Samsung.

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    peter says:

    HTC have been incredibly slow and unbelievably uninformative about this update. I have upgraded twice to HTC phones, but no more. I will be upgrading to Sony in September

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      Dharmesh says:

      Same with me. HTC were first telling me that ics was due to be released in March 2012, 5 months later they are still to release ics. It would be better if they release jelly bean as I’m sure that will work. My next phone is also a Sony.

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    Richard says:

    On my previous HTC device I had to resort to adding custom ROM’s to get an update and I feel it does damage the reputation of HTC and the android platform when they cant get updates out in a reasonable time.

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    Ongtk says:

    Samsung is equally slow with its updates. Until today, I am still waiting for ICS UPDATE for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I have been using Samsung mobile and tablet devices since their S2 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 was launched. I will start looking at other brands in future…

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    horia says:

    HTC is focusing too much on their sense overlay where they change the UI which in the early days of android was good but is no longer needed with 4.0. It’s also effecting the performance of android on HTC’s. So they need to focus on just getting their updates out faster with less tweeks to avoid loosing more customers. Iam a personally a big fan of htc devices and I would hate to have to switch.

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    Raymond Gonzales says:

    HTC will start to fall, the disappointment they made? mark my word HTC will now start to fall apart beyond any mean of losses.

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    Richard says:

    well its great that they are providing a free upgrade to existing phones without charging customers so people should be a bit more patient

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    phillyc says:

    Well I am feed up waiting! Changing to attic this week from the desire s , desire s has become really slow starting up and if I have WiFi on at home it looses it signal.

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