Griffin Woogie 2 iPhone kids case & fun app

There are many iPhone cases on the market, ones that protect your Apple smartphone and others that are basically for fun, well today we have the huggable Griffin Woogie 2 iPhone kids case that is accompanied with a fun iPhone app. Looks cute, nice to touch and very friendly to own.Woogie 2 is now on sale for only $19.99 via Griffin’s website that’s adds fun, fluffy hugs and protection all in one product, all you need to do is slide your Apple iPhone into the pouch and away you go.

The pocket where the iPhone slips into is see-through so that you can still operate the touchscreen, this plastic sleeve also protects the multi-touch display, and it also has a little opening so that you can add headphones. We love the look of this product and kids will just love the furry huggable friend, it has five legs that allow you to sit on the table, hold on your lap or just simply cuddle in your arms.

This iPhone accessory has been designed for children 3 years and older, when you purchase the Woogie 2 kids iPhone case we recommend you download and install the Woogie app to get the best benefits. This application is free and allows you to talk to Woogie, it also talks back to you as well, which is fun.

The app also allows you to choose your own face for Woogie 2, and this is a great way to give it a personality of its own, it also repeats what you say, if you poke Woogie in the eye it will react and if you tickle Woogie it will giggle. You can also shake it where you will see it go dizzy and if you leave it alone Woogie 2 will fall asleep, just shake to wake is all it needs to bring it back to life.

It is so much fun having the Woogie 2 huggable case and the app together, even though the app works well without the product, but where is the fun in that. Watch the video below and see what you think, please do post your comments.

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