LG Optimus 2X Android ICS update coming, regions unknown

There is a lot of complaints at the moment about Android devices waiting for the Ice Cream Sandwich OS update, we are still getting many emails asking the same question and we are trying to dig further to find out what devices will receive the update. Good news for those that own the LG Optimus 2X smartphone suggests that Android ICS update is releasing soon, dependant of your region.

Many LG Optimus 2X owners are a little ticked off waiting for the ICS update, and we did report last month (July 2012) that this handset would not be going from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich, do not expect to see Ice Cream Sandwich is what we reported, but this can now be scrapped because we have some good news via Twitter.

An Italian site called Android Chaotic is showing a Korean tweet on twitter and we have had to translate this using Google, this is not a brilliant translation but it says this in English: Optimus 2X the ICS O / S applied sequentially according to whether the test results will take place. Optimus 2X as soon as possible of the ICS O / S will try our best to let the schedule delivery. Please expect an optimized ICS upgrades.

Ok the message above was not translated that good, but we get the jist of what is happening. LG did commit to upgrading the smartphone to Android 4.0 ICS but then delays occurred, and then a few tweets came in saying that it would not get the update at all, confusing is the one word we can say here.

We can now see that it is possibly those in Canada that are not getting the update, the Korean tweet on Twitter must mean those in Korea only are getting the LG Optimus 2X ICS update, this is one major saga and we still do not know what regions will be getting the update other than Korea.

If anyone knows more about this we would love to hear from you, the more we know the more we can let other readers know, please do come forward and have your say here first.

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