Lilo and Stitch iPhone case choice via Amazon

Although many of us feel that summer has just begun it will soon be time to turn our attention to the holiday season and many of you will already be giving some consideration to gifts to delight your friends and family. For the younger members of the family, or even those just young at heart, there are some great Lilo and Stitch iPhone cases available from Amazon that you may want to consider so read on for further details on these iPhone accessories.

We’ll give you the details and current price listings on Amazon but please bear in mind that prices may have changed when you check these out. Simply click on the product name links to be taken straight to the Amazon order page for more or to order any of the following items. The first we have for you is the Disney 3d Stitch Moveable Ear Flip Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S, which is currently listed at $4.30. This uses high quality materials and will protect your phone from daily damage such as scratches and dirt as well as fingerprints and grease. Dimensions are 4.8 x 0.5 x 2.5-inches and it weighs 6 ounces.

The next item is the Disney 3d Stich Silicone Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S in Blue, priced at $7.99. This is completely adorable and is a soft case, again well crafted and made from high-grade materials. It will protect your iPhone against day-to-day general use, fingerprints, dirt etc., and is quick and easy to fit.

Following this we have the 3D Stitch Silicone Rubber Case Back Cover for iPhone and iPhone 4S. This is currently priced at $14.99 and is very cutely designed in blue, once again using high quality materials. Our last iPhone Lilo and Stich accessory is the Koolshop Lilo n Stitch Faceplate for iPhone 4 Case in Blue priced at $4.99.

We think there will be plenty of iPhone users who would appreciate one of these Lilo and Stitch accessories for their iPhone so if you know the ideal person to give one too it may be worthwhile ordering now as they are likely to fly off the shelves nearer to the holiday season. Will you be ordering any of these iPhone accessories?

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