The Heist iPhone app espionage game

If you are a gamer on the iOS platform that loves a bit of espionage, and working your way through a myriad of imposing puzzles to finally crack open a vault to gain what is lurking inside, then you will probably love The Heist app for iOS gamers, although this particular puzzle game isn’t an espionage orientated game for those that expect easy to solve puzzles.

The object of The Heist for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad is to solve a series of puzzles to get to the vault, and open it to gain the reward inside; however before trying to crack that highly secured vault there are 60 addictive puzzles the gamer needs to solve to progress.

With The Heist app for iOS devices there are four types of challenging puzzles, along with 19 Game Center achievements to earn along the way, and the game has recently been updated with bug fixes, along with a copy of Puzzle Agent now hidden in the vault.

However, The Heist offers very challenging puzzles, and according to an article over on Common Sense Media, other than a ‘call’ on your device that explains that the gamer is to assist breaking into the vault, no other instructions tutorial, explanations or help is provided with the application.

This lack of any further information on the puzzles means you are left to your own devices to work out just what you need to do to complete a puzzle, and thus could be quite challenging and will test those puzzle solving skills. Apparently the first two puzzles are fairly easy, but after that they do become quite difficult, so might not be right for the younger player.

However, if you are a puzzle loving iOS gamer that would like to take on The Heist and have a go at cracking that vault and gaining the prize concealed inside, you can download the app to your chosen iDevice for free for a very limited time by hitting up iTunes.


4 thoughts on “The Heist iPhone app espionage game”

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    kelly burby says:

    puzzle to puzzle you up in order to reach the vault you need to cross 60 addictive puzzle.isn’t that sound challenging

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    wickedtuff says:

    I downloaded the app and was excited to start playing, but when my phone started buzzing and i had a call from ‘Sophia’ that I couldn’t decline it creeped me out. Deleted that one pretty quick

    1. Reply
      puzzlebreaker says:

      omg. same here. she is wearing a red hat and the incoming phone number never shows up on my missed call list. I usually answer and tell people when they have the wrong number, but this one really gives me the creeps for some reason, so I just keep declining the call. I didn’t make the Heist connection before. Maybe it’s like a puzzle inside a puzzle. Or a telemarketer. Or something malicious. I don’t think I want whatever is in the vault anymore.

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        Anon says:

        The phone call from Sophia is part of the game. Answer it. She talks to you in a Russian accent, that’s all.

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