Mapquest app speaking directions whilst driving on mobile

Obviously one shouldn’t use their mobile when driving a vehicle without a hands-free kit, and over here in the UK it is illegal to use your phone when driving, and more and more states in the US are doing the same. But there are times when you need to use your smartphone when driving to get directions, and as long as you use a hands-free kit, there are several mobile apps available that offer voice directions, and one such app is the Mapquest app for mobile.

The Mapquest app is available for Android devices, BlackBerry handsets, and the iPhone, and is available for free on all platforms, and features free voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation for drivers, and rather than you having to switch your concentration from the road ahead the app speaks aloud those directions, informing you when and where to make a turn so you can keep your eyes on the road.

The Mapquest app for iOS, BlackBerry and Android is truly free as there are no subscriptions, upgrade required, or trail period, and offers the ability to speak your destination to your handset rather than having to type it in, whilst if you happen to make a wrong turn, the app will automatically redirect your route to get you back on track.

With the Mapquest app along with driving directions the user also has the option to receive walking directions so you can opt to get wherever on foot once you have parked your vehicle.

The app also offers Live Traffic Flow and Incidents info that is updated every five minutes so you can avoid congested areas or incidents and remain on time, and the map rotates in orientation of travel with the ability to lock to north up if desired, whilst also offering multiple stop routes, customised avatars, and more.

For those that would like to take advantage of the Mapquest app, BlackBerry users can download the app by hitting up BlackBerry App World, Android users can download the app from Google Play, whilst iOS users can grab the app from iTunes.

Are any of our iOS, BlackBerry, or Android readers out there using the Mapquest app, if so how are your finding the app, does it suit all your requirements, or have you opted for another app?

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