RIM BlackBerry 10 OS licensing & manufacturer importance

Research In Motion aka RIM have finally confirmed that they will license the new BlackBerry 10 OS, even though RIM are trying their hardest to release its own BB10 mobile devices next year, they are still going ahead allowing other manufacturers to run this new software. RIM are considering, maybe we should say ‘evaluating’ many different options right now on how other companies can use the new BlackBerry 10 operating system on its product line, this is where we would like to mention the BlackBerry 10 OS licensing and manufacturer importance.

The Canadian firm are not doing to well at the moment and need to implement a plan so that they can move forward to keep necks above the water, drowning for them is not an option. The good approach is for RIM to license it’s new OS to other manufacturers. Research In Motion will still race ahead and release its BlackBerry 10 OS on its own devices, but incorporating onto other devices is a good move.

President and chief executive officer Thorsten Heins of Research In Motion Ltd did mention at a company’s annual shareholders meeting in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada last month that they are ready to license soon. The new OS was built on QNX software, and we already know that QNX is used in many products such as military drones and cars etc. Bloomberg reports that BlackBerry 10 OS is at its final stage, and would normally only use its software on BlackBerry-certified handsets, so the big move to use it on other devices seems very interesting indeed.

What would be interesting is that a company such as Samsung using the new BlackBerry 10 OS, if this was the case would this anger Google seeing as Samsung have an array of devices using Android, can you imagine a new smartphone aka the Samsung Galaxy S4 using BB10, makes you think a little and most definitely makes you wonder if this would all work or not. We already reported this month that Samsung will not license BlackBerry 10 from RIM, does this really mean this is in fact true or will Samsung decide otherwise once licensing is finalized?

Would you use a Samsung, Motorola, or any device other than BlackBerry using BB10 operating system? We would love to know what your thoughts are on the above news, your comments are very important to us as we learn by them.

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