The Ubiquitous Computer aka Ubi is ultimate device

Along with news on smartphones and tablets, cases, and mobile apps, we here at Phones Review also like to bring you word on other accessories, such as Kickstarter projects, and today we have word of another Kickstarter project that is looking for funding called Ubi, which stands for Ubiquitous Computer, although this gadget does let you make calls without touching your device.

The Ubiquitous Computer is actually a voice activated computer that you plug into a wall socket, and when you talk to Ubi it will talk back, much like Siri on the iPhone, or other voice assistant on Android devices, and connects to the internet directly via WiFi, and all without having to use your fingers.

Ubi is always on, always listening and always ready to offer assistance with either voice response or by multicoloured LED lights to let you know when changes occur. The people behind Ubi intend on shipping numerous apps with the device including, voice enables internet search, alarm clock, voice memos, a baby monitor, noise pollution monitor, intercom system, home speaker system with sound piping, virtual assistant for podcasts, feed reader, audio calendar and such, speaker phone, and home climate control via web enabled thermostats such as Nest.

On board the Ubi there are sensors which monitor your environment such as humidity, temperature, ambient light and air pressure, and this data can be stored online or used to shoot off alerts to your mobile or to your email. And furthermore Ubi runs on the Android platform, and features the ability to connect via Bluetooth to the iPhone or Android handsets.

We also have a short video below showing just what Ubi offers the user, so don’t forget to mash that play button to check out the footage.

Currently the Ubi project is looking to raise $36,000 to get off the ground, and has thus far garnered $20, 618 with 34 days still to run, so if you think Ubi is something you could make use of and wish to make a pledge you can do so by heading on over to the Kickstarter website.


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