Most expensive apps target the rich and silly

There are many apps for iPhone and Android but how much are you willing to spend. For example, do you have to be rich and silly to purchase at these mental prices. It would appear that whether you are on the Android platform or iOS platform, as long as you have the available cash in large quantities there is a mobile app that commands a big enough price tag to put a bit of a dent in most users wallet.

So we thought we’d pull together a few of these most expensive apps for iOS and Android for our readers consideration, with four of the most expensive on iTunes, and six of the top cash gobblers on Google Play, whether these apps are worth their asking price I will leave you to decide.

So let’s kick off with iOS, with the VIP Black app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, an app that is touted as the ‘Millionaires App’ and is the only premium lifestyle app for the iPhone, with members receiving the VIP treatment such as personalised attention and heightened experiences over a range of luxury partners, and how much will the VIP Black app hit your device for? Only $999.99 is required to own this iOS app.

Then there’s the Intuition Control Solo WolfVision app, which is for the iPhone and iPod Touch, that enables the user to control WolfVision visualisers, and has patent pending tech that apparently revolutionises video conferencing, along with the ability to save visualiser images to your iOS device. This app can be yours for a mere penny sort of a thousand bucks.

Next is an app called Spray, and is for the agricultural iOS user, and apparently replaces the manual log, along with recording and storing Spray sheets, stores chemical details along with all historical chemical applications, with live feed from the operator as it happens and the ability to export in CSV format. If you want the Spary app dig deep at $499.99.

Last of the ridiculously high priced iOS apps is DDS GP Yes!, which is apparently the number one Apple iPad app for dentist professionals, and improved the presentation of dental conditions and treatment to patients, making treatment plans easier to understand for patients, and if you are a dentist professional all you need to shell out for the app is $499.99.

Moving on to Android, the most expensive apps don’t seem to come anywhere near those ridiculously high prices of iOS, and as I am in the UK the prices are in pounds, so you might need to do a bit of currency conversion.

Anyway the first Android app is called I’m Rich Man, and all the description says is you can prove you know all about money, but if you fancy a couple of gold bar images you’ll only need to part with £127.50 to get the app.

Then there is the Most Expensive Japanese App, apt for the price, this app simply lets you boast that you own the most expensive app in Japan, and all it will cost you to do that bragging is 100-quid…what a complete waste of cash!

Or how about an Android app called Most Expensive App, which boasts if you are looking for the most expensive app on the Android Market, this is it, but obviously it isn’t as not only does the app still say Android Market rather than Google Play, the above I’m Rich Man app costs more as this app sets you back £100.

Moving down the cost scale a tad there is the Medicine Central app, which is for physicians, residents, students, and nurse practitioners, that delivers A-Z drugs facts, drug interaction facts, MEDLINE journals, a pocket guide to diagnostic tests, and a 5-minute clinical consult, so maybe this particular app is actually worth the £99.50 asking price.

Next there is the Anaesthesia Central app, which is of course for anaesthetists, nurse anaesthetists, trainees, and critical care specialists and has been built on the award winning Unbound platform, and offers a collection of drug, test, disease, and procedure info for treating patients before, during and after surgery, and costs £93.28.

Lastly there is the I’m FU***NG Rich app for Android, which the app description actually states is the most useless and expensive app of the whole market, but can you afford to buy it, well the simple answer to that would be even if one wished to part with £83.57, why would anyone want a self confess useless app?

To be perfectly honest, when it comes to the above expensive Android apps, the medical apps are probably worth the expence, but in all honest as for the others Google should throw them out. As for the iOS apps, well to be blunt almost a grand for an app is taking things a little too far don’t you agree?

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