iPhone 5 approach leads to offloading & prices

The Apple iPhone 5 is keenly anticipated as is every new iPhone and the closer we get to a release the more the hype builds up. If you’re planning to purchase the new iPhone though, rather than just concentrate on what the next iPhone will bring it might be time to focus instead on offloading your current iPhone 4S while you can still get some decent money for it. The longer you wait and the closer we get to an iPhone 5 launch, the less money you are likely to make.

Among our many iPhone 5 posts we’ve recently told how it is billed to be the biggest electronics product upgrade in history as far as one expert is concerned. As well as this we’ve recently given news about possible hologram technology being used as well as a look at some of the concept designs that pop up. However, it’s easy to spend so much time sifting through the developments and speculation about the next iPhone that you may leave it too late to get the best price for your current version.

Recently we told how some retailers and carriers were already cutting the prices of the iPhone 4 and 4S to get rid of as much stock as possible before the iPhone 5 arrives and if you want to get rid of your current iPhone then you should already be thinking of selling it soon. A September 12th event is expected to be when we shall see the iPhone 5 unveiled and a release date of September 21st has been widely rumored. As with any major Apple product launch though none of this is yet confirmed and we cannot be sure of an actual release date.

A useful article on Gizmodo has come up with some of the places you’ll get the best money for your iPhone 4S. For example on eBay you could get between $350 and $400. An instant sale will make you around $330 but if you want to let it go to bidding, for some of those sales the price reaches around $400. Deciding which option to choose may depend on the condition of your phone as people are more likely to bid on a phone in good condition.

Moving on to Amazon shows the giant company is offering gift certificates for the iPhone 4S with a top price of around $415 and lowest at around $120. Only a top-notch iPhone 4S with charger will get you that $415 though and most in a good state will get you a gift certificate to the value of around $350. Another alternative is RadioShack with current iPhone 4S prices given of between $73 and $250. Once again that top price will only be given for a mint condition 4S but $73 isn’t bad for one that’s really taken some battering. Sell your iPhone 4S to RadioShack by either visiting in-store or by mailing off.

Craigslist is another possibility and currently $200 or more is the going rate for an iPhone 4S here. It’s not the easiest place to sell your items because of having to sift through the spammers etc. but you’re likely to find someone who wants your iPhone 4S whatever condition it may be in. However Gizmodo does make the good point that you should preferably meet with the purchaser in a public place, which sounds wise to us.

Apart from these alternatives there are also buying sites such as Gazelle, InstantSale, Buy My Tronics and NextWorth where you simply enter your phone details and condition for an estimate and then mail it to them. Offers vary considerably but Gizmodo gives a guideline of between $90 and $365.

Ultimately the thing you need to consider most if you want to offload your iPhone 4S is to sell it as soon as possible. The later you leave it the less you’ll be offered and very soon there will be a glut of iPhone 4S’s available and the prices will dip much lower. We’d like to know if you’ve considered selling your iPhone 4S before the release of the iPhone 5? Maybe you’ve already sold yours and you could tell us where you got the best deal? Let us know with your comments.


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    Oliver says:

    Im a student in the UK, so the shops you mention are all not accessible to me. I used Envirophone in the UK. I paid £500 for the 4S brand New from Apple store last year and for £300 from Envirophone a couple of weeks ago. It was in perfect condition. Im back to the Nokia X6 for now, but i have my £650 in the bank waiting for a new iPhone 5 32GB with a nice case (mainly all of my work pay over the holidays haha) 😉

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