Craigslist app for iPhone & iPad and new update

If you happen to be one of the iOS faithful out there that likes to scour classified adverts on Craigslist, and use the Craigslist app for the iPhone and Apple iPad, you just might like to know that the app has now been given an update, and along with combining the experience of reading a realistic newspaper classifieds section with iOS menus filters and personalisation, the update now fixes the broken feed parsers.

Just in case you haven’t used the Craigslist app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad before, the app enables the user to post directly to Craigslist, along with using the iOS camera to add images to your posts, or add an image straight from your device library, along with managing your Craigslist ads.

With the Craigslist app for iOS devices you can even manage multiple Craigslist accounts, locates the user automatically and delivers all Craigslist categories available to your location, the ability to save frequent searches and recall them with a single tap, and search multiple locations at the same time.

The iOS app also lets the user cross off unwanted ads with a Z finger gesture, the ability to easily reply to any advert without leaving the application, forward adverts that may be of interest to your friends, view all your favourites at any time, auto-sync your favourites and saved searches between your device and the cloud, view adverts in both landscape and portrait modes, easily add any listing to favourites by circling an advert with your finger, and view any location of any posting on a map.

For those iOS faithful that haven’t yet downloaded the Craigslist app for iOS devices to their iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad running iOS 4.0 or above, the is a free universal edition available from iTunes, or you can opt for the paid version of the app,which commands a price tag of $0.99.


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