Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus gets specs bump up

Way back in February of this year there was rumour that old Sammy would be delivering a new version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2, and this latest model would sport bumped up specifications along with being known as the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, but since back then there has been no word on just what that specs bump would be, that is until now.

It appears that old Sammy has indeed now delivered the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus according to Chilean website VTR, who have all the details on this latest Android smartphone from the Samsung camp, and is available for a price of 355.900 Chilean Pesos, which is roughly US$734.34.

So what does the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus have to offer over the original Samsung Galaxy S2? Well the device sports a 4.52-inch touch screen, which is a tad bigger than the international SGS2; however it is the same size as the T-Mobile and Sprint versions of the handset.

The Galaxy S2 Plus is also said to sport a 1.5GHz Exynos dual core processor, whilst the international Galaxy s2 does sport a 1.2Ghz Exynos dual core processor, although the T-Mobile SGS2 has a 1.5GHz Snapdragon dual core processor.

Other specs look to be the same as the Galaxy S2 such as 1GB RAM, 8 megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash, front facing camera, Bluetooth, Wfifi and such, and the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is said to come rocking Android Ice Cream Sandwich, although I do have to mention that my own T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 is now also playing along with ICS.

So I guess the big question here is, just why would Sammy push out a bumped up model of the Samsung Galaxy S2 when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already out there and drawing in quite a large following?


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    cynic49 says:

    The answer may be wimmin. I have a S3 and my wife loves to mess around with it but says it’s too big for her to carry around. So we are waiting for the new S2.

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