iOS 6 download, public worldwide times

Everyone is asking the same thing, so we would like to give you the iOS 6 download public worldwide times, historically this new operating system is available from 10.00am PST (6PM UK time), so tomorrow September 19th will probably be the same. Please check out the two screenshots below showing all times.

The full iOS 6 download worldwide times can be shown via our table we created via Time and Date, we would like to bring it to your attention on what devices and models are compatible with iOS 6 releasing to the public tomorrow.

It comes pre-installed on the iPhone 5, so nothing to do here. The iPhone 4S will have all the features mentioned by Apple after the iOS 6 is downloaded and installed, the iPhone 4 is compatible with iOS 6 but does not support Maps flyover, Turn-by-turn navigation, FaceTime on 3G, or Hearing aid support.

It will work on the iPhone 3GS but will not support Maps flyover, Turn-by-turn navigation, VIP list, Offline Reading List, Shared Photo Stream, Hearing aid support, Siri or FaceTime on 3G.

The iPad 3 will support all, but the iPad 2 will not support Siri, FaceTime on 3G and Hearing Aid support. The iPod Touch will work great with iOS 6. If your device has not been mentioned above, you will not be able to download and install iOS 6, sorry.

If you are waiting anxiously for iOS 6 to arrive, why not have a little read of our “iOS 6 available tomorrow, preparation and features” article. Please do let us know what iOS 6 features you are most looking forward to?

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  • adam

    its iphone 3gs not 3g, 3g was discontinued after 4.x

    • Me

      i think he means 3G as in ‘data’, gprs, edge, 3G. Not the iphone model name.

  • SYD Harry

    Nice work. well done.

  • Gokulmedico

    Great but it is too late n india

  • neo~

    how did you get this information?

  • John McLean

    cool nice wow :0)

  • Nick

    So I phone 4 will have Siri and the iPod touch 4

    • Jasper Hudson

      neither will have siri only iphone 4s and 5 new ipad and new iPod.

    • Keith McCoy

      no the only Idevices getting Siri is iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen, and the new IPad

  • Rander

    I’m guessing this means 1:00pm est

  • mam.moeeni

    but its 3 am in japan its september 20th

  • Bobby

    It’s 7:30 at night here in Sydney on September 19 still hasn’t come out yet
    Any idea why?

    • harsh nair

      The update for Sydney is 3 am on Thursday.

      • Disappointed in Bobby’s IQ

        Bobby … seriously. Did you not read this article at all?

  • Arwind

    I have a question can I know when is ios6 coming out in Malaysia? I have checked the schedule and I cant seem to find ” Malaysia” can someone help me

  • Keith McCoy

    Omg its actually right like i live in Calgary and on the thing it saids that we would get it at 11:00am and when 11:00 hit i checked for the 10 time and it was available

    nice work job well done on this info =)

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