HTC One X+ O2 catalogue shows details and price

There has been some rumour about the new HTC ONE X+ handset coming to the United Kingdom, and it would appear that the Android smartphone’s arrival in the UK might not be that far off because the upcoming device has now shown up on UK carrier O2’s website in the form of a brochure.

The guys over at GSM Arena where the first to sport the brochure touting the HTC ONE X+ on O2, which also shows off just how much the Android Jelly Bean handset will hit the pocket for once it becomes available, and that price is £479.99 on Pay As You Go, but obviously O2 will also be offering the device on pay monthly as well.

For those in the United Kingdom that might be interested in picking up the HTC ONE X+, the device offers bumped up specs over the original HTC ONE X, offering a 5-inch touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 2, an 8 megapixel auto-focus rear facing snapper with LED flash, 1080p video, a front facing camera, 1GB RAM, 64GB storage, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, an NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.6GHz quad core processor, HTC Sense v4.5, an 1800mAh battery, and 25GB of free Dropbox storage.

Unfortunately though the brochure doesn’t actually give any information as to just when the HTC ONE X+ will become available on O2, with the pay monthly option stated as ‘coming soon.’

So there you go, it looks like it shouldn’t be too long before the One X+ hits O2 in the UK, so are any of our UK readers hoping to snap up the HTC One X+ once it lands in O2 shelves?


3 thoughts on “HTC One X+ O2 catalogue shows details and price”

  1. Poland says:

    I love HTC always bought top of the range of theirs phones DHD or Sensation XE.
    Think they are one of the best but no sd slot and no battery to change I will give HTC lesson.
    This is not iphone people who need straight forward devices its lovely android. And I am not going to buy this time.

  2. magnus says:

    Google always picks favorites, and its samsung for sure. But if htc starts adding microSD slots, then they could easily beat samsung down, if that apple law suit goes through.