iPhone 5 sent by Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg explains

Love it or hate it there are a vast number of people that use the social networking site Facebook, whether it is sitting in front of a laptop or desktop PC or via a mobile device. The success of the site has made CEO Mark Zuckerberg a very wealthy man, but that doesn’t stop him picking up some nice freebies as he explains he was sent an iPhone 5 by Tim Cook.

Mark Zuckerberg has just been interviewed by TODAY’s Matt Lauer that will be shown tomorrow on TODAY, and according to Digital Life it was the first interview he has done seen the company recently floated. The CEO talked about a number of things that included the future of the social networking site, his marriage, his personal wardrobe, and the Apple iPhone 5.

Zuckerberg has often been compared to the late Steve Jobs, and current CEO Tim Cook when it comes to dress sense, or lack of it in some people’s eyes. Lauer decided to tackle Mark Zuckerberg about Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5 and Zuckerberg replied that “It’s a wonderful device”.

He revealed that Tim Cook sent the latest iPhone model to him as a gift, while Facebook has long been rumoured to be entering the smartphone market themselves. This has caused some concern among some of the company’s investors, as it may be looked on as a risky move.

This doesn’t stop Zuckerberg from thinking about what users actually do with their smartphones, and added that while the iPhone is a great offering, more users’ access Facebook using Android because of the greater numbers the platform currently has.

He continued that there are more users’s that access the site via the browser on a mobile device instead of using the Android or iOS apps combined. The full interview with the Facebook CEO can be seen tomorrow on TODAY and on Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Do you use the Android or iOS Facebook apps?


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    mobilemann says:

    after the last big iOS update, i heard zuck is really forcing employee’s to get android devices and make sure the next version of them is as up to snuff as the iOS version.

    the difference between the native and html 5 versions of FB on iOS are night and day.

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