iOS 6 untethered jailbreak latest developments & photos

We know that many of you out there are eagerly waiting for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak to appear and following news from Chronic Dev team associate pod2g to say that work on this was not underway at the moment there was a certain amount of disappointment. We then heard of a young UK student who claimed he was just days away from an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and we want to bring you the latest developments on that and some photos.

A few days ago we told readers about a story sweeping the jailbreaking community that was creating a lot of debate. It involved the young UK hacker, known on Twitter as @like_a_sir, who had tweeted some intriguing messages implying he and an unknown partner were close to the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5. There was incredulity as the story spread, that a young unknown hacker could possibly beat the likes of renowned developer and hacker pod2g and the Chronic Dev team but nevertheless the story caused a lot of excitement.

We then heard more on ‘like a sir’s’ credentials and there was evidence that suggested he was not completely unknown on the jailbreaking scene and had previously come up with an unlock and tweak. Masses of people took to forums and social networks to talk about the claims with many getting pretty enthusiastic that the young student was close to achieving the untethered jailbreak, and equally as many remaining skeptical, to say the least, about the claims. Although at Phones Review we don’t recommend jailbreaking we know that many of our readers are interested in it so we thought we’d bring you the latest developments on this.

Although we cannot verify the truth about these claims it intrigues us in case it turns out to be genuine and if that happened there would be a lot of people admiring ‘like a sir.’ However for now we remain firmly on the fence until we see the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak actually release. ‘Like a sir’ claims he is using a modded version of Redsn0w and the latest on this comes from iDigital Times who say that a person who has now teamed up with ‘like a sir’ has now posted the first photo ‘proof’ that the jailbreak is in development. Known as @dwaynefortman on Twitter, yesterday he posted the photo that you can see below. Although we would not agree this was ‘proof’ it’s certainly interesting.

Photo: Twitter

It seems that ‘dwayne fortman’ teamed up with ‘like a sir’ using Skype after the first stories came out and offered help. Along with tweeting the first photo he also posted “I said a pic… so here is a pic… more to come.” Yet more news on this comes with another IDT report saying that ‘dwayne fortman’ had posted more tweets including this one today, “Is waiting to see what @like_a_sir has on his end. Then come up with the best release idea.” The less skeptical among you will have their mouths watering at that message.

Along with this there’s yet more news as another person @ragemasta claims to be working on an iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and tweeted IDT about this. He then also posted a photo (see below) and cheekily tweeted it to ‘like a sir’ and ‘dwayne fortman’ too and has already received a response from the latter. All interesting stuff then and we wish we could be more certain about the eventual outcome of these claims. They certainly have people talking though and you can be sure we’ll bring you further developments on an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak as we hear news.

Photo: Twitter

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 is really on the way soon from ‘like a sir’ and his cohorts? Maybe you seriously doubt these claims and will wait for news from those more well known in the jailbreaking community? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Angel Arroyo Alejandro

    damn that guys is a genie

  • satriani

    PERSONALLY i think there is hope but yet far away from it

  • Tosaint Toto Scott

    i hope this is tru

    • chavez

      me fuckin’ too! i can’t stand my damn iPhone not being jailbroken!!!!

  • ios6jailbreak

    I have followed the tweets from @like_a_sir since the story surfaced, however he seems to be connected at all times posting about his meals, drinks, chats/phone conversations with @jessicaamyy_, dancing gangman style with his mommy and no real evidence of any work being done. Last he mentioned on his twitter account made reference to “priorities” and how he was on the phone with his girlfriend (although this seems to be all he does) and that the jailbreak should wait.
    On the other hand @dwaynefortman has provided a picture on the work he has done and tweets mentioning that his jailbreak will support 3gs, 4, 4s, iphone 5; @like_a_sir’s comment on this “mine doesn’t support 4s at the moment” (Not surprising!). For now, all we could do is wait and hope that at least one of these jailbreak solutions go public.

    • eric

      what a looser with no life…
      banging his mummy gangman style…
      which looser puts his Food an drinks on his twatter…

  • Dawg

    Doubtful that this kid is anywhere close. Pod2g has already said he isn’t working on a jailbreak, which means nothing will come from CDT either. The supposed iphone 5 jailbreak is only for developers so that isn’t going anywhere. It will be quite awhile before an untethered jb is released for A5/6.

  • Antonio Neglia

    I’m actually best friends with Dwayne Fortman. He’s been working hard on it, I’ll tell you that.

    • Antonio Neglia

      If you have any doubt, ask him about me.

      • Teemofie

        No,I will just choose to believe your a lier!

    • eric

      best friends with his banana in ur hand 😉

  • Yosh

    Or, everyone on here can get together on working to come up with a solution by our selfs instead of waiting for someone to do it. TEAM = Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Lets work together, anyone got some POSITIVE feedback on this?

  • Heath dobo

    Seriously peeps PLZ get untethered released tetherd sucks

  • domcheb

    It’s a whole lot easier just downgrading to 5.1.1.
    So much better than ios 6! I haven’t updated and refuse.not to until there actually is an untethered jailbreak!

  • xti@n

    helloo everyone… can somebody help me about my Iphone 4s which I updated to IOS 6 without saving the SSH blob. Then now i want to downgrade to IOS 5.1.1 which is my original. I did everything watching in youtube but I can’t downgrade anymore. IS THERE ANY WAY OR POSSIBILITY I CAN STILL DOWNGRADE IT TO IOS 5.1.1? THANKS & HOPE I CAN RECEIVE HELP FROM GOOD PEOPLE HERE!

  • Wayne

    Why not just show us a short video clip to show that it’s working. I’m sure if you tap the screen on those phones it’ll come up with a heading ‘image 1/20’

    • Robert Comfort


  • HHHaaasssssniiiim

    can anybody help me ? i want to downgrade back to Ios 5.1.1 back. I try to downgrade but it fail. Its there other ways to downgrade back ? )’:

    • cavin

      so late but if you have old shsh you can try with tyniumbrela good luck

  • aaaa

    @Heath dobo:# mampus aja ko situ, kalo aku ado ko nak apo, sampai jubou ko meleb pun tak dapat dapat!!

  • R0tten

    would anyone recommend jailbreaking an iphone 5 with TETHERED *just* so SHSH blobs can be saved so it can be downgraded?

    Is that even worth it? Or can it even be done? Thanks.

    • Apple Empire

      U can’t downgrade an iPhone 5 that comes with iOS 6 pre-installed.

      • R0tten

        Thank ya. I was actually just talking about downgrading in the future…. like when I update to 6.0.1 or 6.1… if I can downgrade back to 6.0 because I saved my blobs?

  • N

    I have jailbroken my iPT 4 and have cydia, and in iOS 6 the bars are blue. why is his black? oh, thats right, not proof.

    • bella

      one my iphone 5 my bars are black not blue and it is ios 6

  • Sean Johnson


    • Tat69

      oh yes they can lol

  • Sean Johnson

    The first photo the Cydia icon is photoshopped onto the screen. It’s rotated counter clockwise 1 pixel too far IMO.

    • Apple Empire

      I believe you!

  • Jen

    There will be no jailbreak for ios 6. Just let it go. You just need to abide by Apple’s rules.

  • Ahmer

    i have Iphone 4 i want to upgrade IOS 6 but i think jailbreak not available for this version now if any update news about that plz inform me

    • Tat69

      yes there is a jailbreak for ios6 with cydia and siri as well

  • callist0

    Is it any app on cydia which change color of my iphone to white? I just get bored with black one…

    • Lmao

      Ya there is :) u can make ur iphone walk too or make it do ur hw

  • rohi

    what is shsh

  • cavin

    ok….i have one solution for u all SU IPHONE 4 WAS instals ios 6 your iphone , u can bypass activation withot sam or anything,,,go to xplorer3/itool red system + aplication+delet the setup app…it’swork

  • Faj3251

    Check out my youtube channel faj3251 which shows iphone 5 running on cydia and installous..

  • Morky

    Why isint there a video of cydia being used as proof?

  • jeoo

    helloo everyone…… can somebody help me cuz i am in iphone 4s and i ubdate it to ios 6 which is really bad and i just want to jailbreak it or to downgrade it back ios 5.1.1 and i dindint save my shsh and im using redsn0w 0.9.14 and 0.9.13 and also 0.9.15 beta 1
    so what shoud i do plzzzzz help me

  • Kayhan

    if you have shsh u can downgrade always
    mail:[email protected]

  • AL


  • AL

    sorry DOWNGRADE

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