UK O2 outage anger grows users threaten to leave

We all rely much more on modern technology these days in our busy lives, and when something goes wrong besides being frustrating, it can also be extremely inconvenient as well. Back in July customers of UK mobile phone carrier O2 were left with no service for a long time, and yesterday many users had the same issues again. With yet another O2 outage the anger is growing with many users that are now threatening to leave the company.

We told you yesterday about another network glitch that had left millions of O2 users without any service, or an intermittent one. It seems most users have now seen their service resume but it has left a bitter taste in the mouth coming so soon after the downtime back in July.

Many of our readers are understandably really angry about the situation with some even considering of leaving going to a rival operator. O2 themselves said the problem had been identified and eventually fixed, but the outage continued for many users late into last night, which the company put down to high phone use during the “rush hour” early evening period.

One of our readers though called David stated he had no coverage in his area from 7pm last night, which goes against O2’s comments. Late last night O2 told Sky News that the service had been fully restored, and again apologised for the network outage.

When a spokesperson was questioned over any compensation being paid to those affected, the reply was that the first priority was to get users service resumed before carrying out an investigation into the issue.

The downtime is being blamed on one of the carrier’s network nodes that help connect and manage mobile traffic, which the company is stating is a different problem that caused the downtime back in July.

There will be many O2 customers looking to get some compensation, but its currently unclear if there will be any coming though, and for some it may be too little too late and decide to move to another network.

Will you be leaving O2 after this latest issue?


5 thoughts on “UK O2 outage anger grows users threaten to leave”

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    Tenn says:

    I have gone already. Outage started here on Thursday night. Checked O2 site where it said everything was fine so I spent 5 hours deleting files from my phone trying to restore it. Now I find this so no more said I have sighned up with Vodeaphone and O2 can stuff it.

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    stevedaddy says:

    I so do not like 02 – I am reliant on my mobile particulaly at the moment and may get a call from my wife whilst i am at work, to let me know our twins are imminent – If i miss the birth I will be so angry with 02. Will leave 02 the first chance I get – sadly that opportunity is still 18 months away. I must have been with vodaphone for 10 years without any problems.

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    natalie says:

    I’m sick of it now my phone was off for 4 and half hours and didn’t go back on till nearly 10 o’clock last night. If this had have happened last month I wouldn’t have renewed my contract but after 8 years with them I thought I’d be fine. Silly me.

  4. The outage started with my phone 1800 hrs last night. It came live again at 21.11hrs. Its now saturday, and I still have no signal. Turning the phone off, and back on helps, but last a few minutes.
    I am now paying for a service, that I am not receiving. 10% reduction off my last bill was, to be honest, a kick in the teeth. This time, what are they going to offer?
    If I was to default on my monthly payment, then services would be restricted, as I would be in breach of my contract.
    If o2 are in breach of said contract, then do I have the option to cancell and move else where without any penalty clauses being invoked? NO….
    Im sorry, but as I deal with trading standards on a day to day basis regarding my work, I will be taking this further.
    I have also just recieved my bill for this month, which has gone up by £3.48. I have not used anything outside my contract, yet I am billed extra.
    How about, o2 wipes out this months bills for everyone as a token of good will? Doubt this will happen.
    Sorry, but goodbye o2. You are in breach of contract…………….

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    kim says:

    my phones STILL not on – its been off since Friday afternoon – 5days now – takes the p*** !! o2 have agreed some compensation with me but I wont be renewing my contract and have told them that if its not working by the weekend they can cancel my contract as they are in breach of theirs!! Shocking customer care!!!

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