Infinity Blade Dungeons disappointing news with iOS delay

The gaming industry quite often may announce that a new game title is being worked on but don’t always provide an actual release date for the game to hit the shelves. Sometimes this can be so if the programming of the game hits any glitches the date doesn’t keep getting pushed back, but now we have some disappointing news of an iOS delay with Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

Epic Games first showcased the game way back in March at the special Apple event taking place to unveil the new iPad, and the trailers shown off at the event got many iOS gamers waiting with anticipation for the games release. Now almost eight months later there is no sign of the game suddenly appearing on the Apple App Store.

As AllThingsD are reporting there was no information on a release date at last month’s Apple event to showcase the iPhone 5, and this led some to believe we may hear something at next week’s iPad mini event taking place on Tuesday October 23rd.

Now though Epic Games have stated that they don’t expect the game to be released before next year, which will come as a huge disappointment to many users. Wes Phillips from the company said ever since the team got to work on the title, “they’ve been busy adding their great ideas to the game”.

Phillips added that it took a while to get the Impossible Studios team up to speed and needed to be equipped with all the tools necessary to begin work such as desks, chairs, and computers. It needed more time to get the new studio organised and “all these great ideas required a little extra time”.

The game is now promised to hit the iOS platform in 2013 but with no exact timeframe given, and comes after it was thought the game would be released before the end of the year. The wait should pay off though with graphics that will be amongst the best available, and a number of people that previously worked on Gears of War are said to be amongst the team.

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