Android Complete interactive Kickstarter project course

The most popular operating system on mobile devices today is the Android platform, with in excess of 500 million mobile devices already active and roughly on average 1.3 million devices added every day, and of course there are many mobile apps for these devices. But if you have every wanted to develop apps for the Android platform, but didn’t know how, you might soon be able to find out.

There is a Kickstarter project running called Android Complete that is a complete engaging, and practical interactive course that will cover everything you need to know about writing applications for the Android platform that will feature five courses.

The five courses in Android Complete include an introduction to Java, beginning Android development, advanced Android development, Android tablet development, and lastly marketing, monetizing, and profiting with Android, and you can gain all the details on each course by hitting up here.

Apparently all materials will feature the latest versions of the Android SDK (Android Jelly Bean), the latest version of Java (JDK 7) and the latest version of Eclipse (Juno), and each course will be interactive with video, audio, and hands on effort.

Each course in Android Complete will feature step-by-step exercise guides, narrated presentations, printable PDFs, work on your own projects, and homework assignments. The Android Complete course will be delivered in January 2013 as a downloadable ISO file, which could be expanded or mounted straight on OSX, Linux PC or Windows or burned to a DVD.

The Android Complete Kickstarter project was looking for a funding goal of $1100, but has already received pledges of $10,078, and thus the project will be funded as of 2:29PM EST on the 21st of November, and we have embedded a video outlining the project for your viewing consideration below…enjoy.

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