Shadowgun DeadZone public beta for Android SDK 3.0+

Users of the Android platform are being treated to an ever increasing selection of games to enjoy on the go, which is being helped with the improvements in smartphone technology in the last couple of years with better displays powered by faster and more powerful processors. Today we have news of the Shadowgun DeadZone public beta for Android for any device with SDX 3.0+.

Developer Madfinger Games are continuing to work on their upcoming game Shadowgun: DeadZone using a public beta program, and after earlier this month releasing the beta for users that had Tegra 3 hardware, the company has now increased this to owners of hardware that have at least SDK 3.0 or above.

The developer has also decided to release some updates to the game as well that includes the likes of an unlocked research section. This allows players to make weapons, items, and perks with the opportunity to make money playing the game, and also collect experience points and level ups.

Madfinger has also added protection for beginners via the use of isolated servers, and are busy working on some network code to allow for some basic feedback on the game play while fixing some bugs. With any beta version of a game or software it can expected to contain some glitches or other early issues, and currently there are only a small amount of servers running, so a connection will not always be possible.

The full list of new features in the new version includes compatibility for Android hardware with SDK 3.0 and higher, make money playing game, collect experience points and level up, Unlocked Research section – you can use the research to make weapons, items and perks, and protection for players with Ranks 1-3 connecting to isolated servers.

Despite some glitches with the game those that have been playing it have given it favourable reviews so far, and to find out more or to download head over to Google Play.

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