Accounting on the go with mobile flexibility

The masses of mathematical and financial data and the paperwork associated with accounting have never been for the faint-hearted. However, with the advent of the Internet and various technologies these tasks are becoming easier to perform. A number of companies now offer online programmes and software capable of calculating real-time cash flow positions and performing effective bookkeeping, in addition to other functions and this is where we take a look at accounting on the go with mobile flexibility.

The emergence of mobile devices has helped many professionals to become more mobile than ever, permitting flexibility with clients as well as working on the move or from home. Here we look at some apps available on laptops, tablets and smartphones that provide this level of mobility for accountants. In addition, private individuals or small businesses can use these apps as they organise their finances with the help of their choice of mobile computing device whether it is a smartphone or a laptop.

A simple one to begin with is Easy Books. Not as comprehensive as some of the other apps available, this nifty app enables professional bookkeeping, financial reporting and customer invoicing. This app is only available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, but users are able to sync between these devices.

Intuit has a whole app centre covering a variety of accounting functions. One of their more all-encompassing apps is QuickBooks Mobile. Available on iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones, the app permits the user to view and edit customer information and send invoices, and also allow the user to receive payments and create estimates. Furthermore, the user can create and edit sales receipts whilst on the move.

Xero offers a similar service to Intuit, but in addition enables online accounting, allowing users to see their cash flow in real time. In addition to this feature, users can automatically import and code their bank transactions. And if this is not enough, Xero offers a variety of add-ons further increasing user capability. These add-ons range from managing payroll to running E-commerce. Given that Xero is an online accounting service, it is compatible to be used on most computing devices and OS’s. Whether it is on a business laptop or on a BlackBerry phone, the service is available to all.

Financial Force Mobile is another app worth a mention. The developers of this app have firmly set their eyes on the future in the form of cloud computing. The developers claim to cater for any accounting business, from the very smallest to global giants. As well as offering the basic functions that other apps do, they have incorporated sophisticated accounting tools. User’s accounting information is moved to the Force.com cloud and made available at all times, making this app truly mobile and cost effective.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a kind of all-in-one product. Providing your office has advanced wifi-enabled devices such as all in one printers, you can fax, scan and print virtually anything from statements to balance sheets at the tap of the screen from a laptop, an iPhone or Android tablet, via Apple’s AirPrint. This makes using your mobile computing unit incredibly convenient, saving you time, money and effort.

Although it may have seemed unlikely for the accounting profession to follow the mobile trend to any great extent, efforts are being made by various companies to bring accounting into the 21st century.

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