Nokia Lumia 820 at Carphone Warehouse, link confusion

In the last few days Microsoft officially unveiled their new Windows Phone 8 operating system, which the company is pinning its hopes on to make a bigger dent into the smartphone market than previous offerings. Now ahead of the release of the Windows Phone 8 devices we have news of the Nokia Lumia 820 at the Carphone Warehouse and some link confusion.

Microsoft earlier this week revealed that the first Windows Phone handsets will be hitting stores in Europe this weekend, but it seems in the UK the Carphone Warehouse site is down for maintenance, and we have noticed it has been down for a few days now with regards to the Nokia Lumia 820.

The retailer yesterday officially announced the availability of the Nokia Lumia 820 for pre-order, and customers that pre-ordered the device would also get a free Nokia Wireless Charging Plate that is worth £44.99.

The press release described the Nokia Lumia 820 has a simple to use speedy smartphone, with a slender look coupled with a stunning 4.3-inch display. The pre-order freebie would allow owners of the Nokia Lumia 820 to charge their device without the need of using cables or plugs, by just laying the smartphone down on the colourful plate.

Carphone Warehouse will be offering the handset in red, black, and white on UK carriers Orange, O2, and Vodafone beginning on contracts priced at £29 per month. The retailer shows the handset here but when clicking the link you are taken to a page for the Nokia 710, or another link just brings you to a dead page.

Hopefully the issue will be sorted soon and consumers looking to pick up the Nokia Lumia 820 will be able to pre-order it and get the nice freebie that is on offer, unless it’s this free gift that is causing the site to be down currently.

Will you be pre-ordering the Nokia Lumia 820 from the Carphone Warehouse?


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